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Watch: The new footage of an Iguana being chased by snakes will blow your mind

From BBC
From BBC

Prepare to be amazed!

Yesterday I celebrated the 21st birthday of one of my former interns who visited the office before his big day.

Along with my dear friend Sharon, we took the young man to a nearby eatery.

During the subsequent conversation, Hunter mentioned to us that there was “this new video of an Iguana being chased by snakes”.

Hunter seemed very impressed by the footage that I had yet to see.

The scenario did not really intrigue me out of the gate, but Hunter has proven in the field, and at the office, that he quite the astute individual.

Sharon seemed curious about it.

Hours after we parted company, I drifted to YouTube, and punched in key words to see if I could unearth the video.

Tastie Fish, let me you guys something, this is without question the greatest footage of carnivores in action I have ever seen.

Holy cow!

There is SO MUCH to digest here.

The thing that jumped out to me was the coordination of the snakes, they seemed to have one mind spread among many bodies, that was spine tingling.

The part where the scout snake could not see the Iguana was similar to a horror film.

The scene of the serpants moving in unison made my skin crawl.

The chase itself is spectarcular,  sublime, innovative,  comprehensive filmaking.

It simply does not get any better than this, credit to the producers of this glorious footage.

Happy Birthday Hunter, you were on the $ with this pull.



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