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Watch: The scariest worm on earth devours an unsuspecting meal in the blink of an eye

From Wikipedia

Fear has a new face.

Footage was recently obtained of a bobbit worm attacking fish on the floor of the ocean.

This particular creature is no ordinary worm according to Wikipedia

Eunice aphroditois (colloquially known as the Bobbit(t) worm) is an aquatic predatory polychaete worm dwelling at the ocean floor.

An ambush predator, the animal buries its long body into an ocean bed composed of gravel, mud, or corals, where it waits for a stimulus to one of its five antennae, attacking when it senses prey.

Armed with sharp teeth, it is known to attack with such speed that its prey is sometimes sliced in half

According to the video the worm has no eyes, no brain, and can grow to sizes twice that of a normal human being.

The speed, the ferocity, the Eunice aphroditois is a stunning miracle of nature.



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