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Albertus Magnus and New Haven announce deal to reopen the Ralph Walker Hockey Rink

From Tastie Fish

Albertus Magnus University, along side Mayor Toni Harp, unveiled plans to refurbish the famed Ralph Walker skating rink, and again make it available for use at a press conference yesterday within the warm confines of the Cosgrove Marcus Messer Athletic Center.

The building was shut down in 2016, and it set to make a triumphant return based on the images.

The conglomerate also announced that Albertus Magnus will be launching a varsity hockey team in 2019.

Esteemed university President Marc M. Camille, flanked by other administration officials, detailed plans for the new hockey club, and a sparkling looking arena before an excited gathering in the lobby of the Cosgrove Marcus Messer Athletic Center.

Mayor Toni Harp made some heartfelt remarks about what this development means for the city, and the school she has personal ties too.

From Tastie Fish

Adding to the totality of the announcement, was the revelation that New Haven will partner with Albertus Magnus to offer a free skate program for community members, which will feel a much needed void in the Elm City.

Especially during Christmas time.

President Marc M. Camille, Ed.D. also spoke of the importance of the partnership, and news that Albertus Magnus will field a hockey team in 2019.

“Growing up in New England, some of my fondest athletics memories are of playing ice hockey, which I was fortunate to continue playing into college,” said Camille. “The addition of a men’s varsity ice hockey team builds on the excitement and spirit of Albertus Falcons athletics, and we will evaluate the potential for adding a women’s team in the future.

From Tastie Fish

The Ralph Walker Skating Rink is historic in New Haven, and it will offer a unique atmosphere for watching competitive college hockey. I’m especially pleased that our hockey coaches and student-athletes will help bring a Learn to Skate/Youth Hockey program to the City’s youth.”

Sources within the school administration tell Tastie Fish that the reconstruction of the rink will be accelerated, the facility could open up to the students as early as next winter, and will open to the general public in 2019.

As part of the package, New Haven will throw down roughly $300,000 to assist in the development of the project.

The deal is subject to approval by the board of alders, the elected committee will vote on the project next week, a vote that is widely expected to engender a good result for Mayor Harp, Albertus Magnus, and the city of New Haven.

From Tastie Fish

In the off chance this project is not approved, the powers that be are really going to struggle to explain why.

The proceedings went from fun to special when the university presented the Mayor and the President with hockey jerseys complete with their names on the back.

A special day indeed, and wonderful news for a city that needs it.




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