Toni Harp (Credit Tastie Fish)

Amid scrutiny regarding sanctuary cities, New Haven celebrates it’s birthday

Toni Harp (Credit Tastie Fish)

Mayor Toni Harp, and and a host of other city officials celebrated New Haven’s birthday this week during a sparkling ceremony complete with live music, civil service awards, and a defining speech for Mayor Harp who is just settling into her second term.

I have seen countless speeches from our Mayor, but Tuesday night ranks among the very best.

Harp has been steadfast in her commitment to the New Haven community, citizens, immigrants, everyone has been assured they are under her protection.

Harp has walked the walk, even if it means encountering childish behavior from the White House, and it’s polarizing President, who is bound and determined to recalibrate federal support of sanctuary cities.

The two politicians could not be more different, but Harp’s status as a woman, an African American leader, and a staunch progressive fundementally are beyond Trump’s orbit.

So it was a surprise to nobody when Harp elected not to attend Trump’s fealty session with Mayors all over the country last month, and the ever sensitive Mr. President attacked her right on the spot. 

His behavior did not go unnoticed per off the record conversations I had with city officials earlier this week.

Trump’s campaign to derail federal funding for New Haven, and cities like New Haven not only puts Harp’s community in peril, it runs afoul of everything she is about.

From Twitter

Look at the tweets Mr. President published in regards to sanctuary cities, his words not mine.

By default Harp has become a historical figure, her position against the backdrop of this administration  empowers her to directly address the needs of citizens all over the world, the next 2 years will be challenging, and perlious, especially with an Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) who actually used the term Angelo Saxon when describing the values of law enforcement.

The Trump administration suffered a major setback this week, as the Supreme Court ruled against the White House’s request to adjust the federal approach to sanctuary cities, the ruling marks a major victory in the fight against ignorance, and bigtory.

Harp has stood tall in the face of all this, and advanced her city one step at a time.

It will take  champions to defeat the seemingly evil agenda of the Trump administration, New Haven has one in Toni Harp.



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