Gina Ferrigno, Gabrielle Pallotto, Dan Brodoff, Alexa Deponte, Samantha D'Errico

Bar is crowned the best pizza in New Haven

Gina Ferrigno, Gabrielle Pallotto, Dan Brodoff, Alexa Deponte, Samantha D’Errico

Tastie Fish in conjunction with a special band of covert operatives infiltrated pizza places all over the Elm City limits in an effort to crown a champion.

After considerable effort, and a rack of private voting, we have tabulated our rankings.

Tastie Fish wishes to preface these projections with the fact that we did not just take the taste of the Pizza into account, nor do we know everything pizza.

Nor do these rankings reflect the views and opinions of everyone at this magazine.

Service was a bigger factor than we realized, as well as the overall cleanliness of the establishment.

Bar in New Haven
  1. Bar

Bar  is an experience. Tucked away on Crown street, the name of the establishment lends clues to its identity. The pizza meanwhile is out of this world, on taste alone, it should be considered the best in the city limits.

The wait is minimal, even when the club is crackin on Saturday night, they will let you go to the head of the line if you are in attendance to eat pizza.

The dining room is magnificent,  with a nice island bar in the middle, and is also accompanied by an awesome bar area in the adjacent room, and a cavernous dance floor in the back. Because the place is a popular watering hole, there is a constant rush of people back and forth adding plenty of happy distractions as you consume the delicious food.

Bar is versatile, a friend of Tastie Fish even had his wedding reception there, the building has a banquet style approach to it, and it works.

A fantastic place to eat darn good pizza, and have a good time.

Tastie Fish visited Bar on Saturday afternoon, when informed of their landslide victory, they were gracious enough to bless this magazine with two slammin pizzas.

From Tastie Fish

One was peperroni, and other was mass potato.

When asked to describe how his establishment was the clear winner of our pizza contest, Manager Dan cited efficient service, and the fact that Bar can produce pizzas at a rate unmatched in the city.

“Many of those other places are great, but they can’t produce at the volume we can. Our guys produce a pizza a minute, on a day like today, they will crank out 500 to 600 pizzas.

Bar in New Haven

The dough is essential, and the main guy in charge of that has been with the restuerant for 13 years. Our pizza makers are machines.

We tell our staff to focus on customer service, and we take that very seriously, we want our customers to have a good experience, and great pizza.”

Bar is also a fantastic night spot, an excellent location for happy hour, but family friendly enough to attract huge crowds 7 days a week.

The staff is sensational, they are happy to be there, the crew at Bar have a heartwarming relationship with upper management.

The bond sets the pace for the establishment, the positive attitude filters down to the customers.

From Tastie Fish

Bar is the pound for pound champion of New Haven Pizza, they have achieved this distinction through extremely professional customer relations, a glorious atmosphere, and food that would make anybody drool.

2. Modern Pizza

Located on State street, Modern Pizza is beloved in the city of New Haven. Founded in 1934, The establishment is the total package. The pizza is fantastic, and while lines can congregate, they move quickly. Once your inside, the service is polite, crisp, and attentive.

The atmosphere is jovial, and family friendly. Modern Pizza draws a crowd because of the experience, not just the pizza. While other pizza parlors might have higher quality forms of pizza, Modern beats them back with consumer friendly tactics, and a fun climate in the dining room.

3. Sallys/Pepes

Sally’s was a common selection the moment we announced this contest. Users and panel members raved about the pizza, which is as advertised..

Located in Wooster Square, the celebrated pizzeria is a trove of good pizza.

Sally’s is an institution, a legendary business that has developed it’s brand since the 30’s. The establishment is a cornerstone of New Haven, a must see for any visiting family member or friend.

But the service can be frustrating, it’s easier to ride space mountain than get a table inside on some nights, The line can be demoralizing, some panel members talked about leaving the line entirely in some cases.

The same issue applies to Pepe’s, which just so happens to be within blocks of Sallys.

Pepes is amazing pizza, the business is a tradition in this city, and will continue to be.

But the line, the wait, even when your inside, it can take up to an hour to be all set.

End to end, it can take 2 hours if you count the wait.

That’s a tough experience for someone that is hungry, and while the pizza is out of this world, the service proved to be a detrimental factor in these projections.

Normally these two pizza giants were would rank 1 or 2, but when considering the full package it’s not rational to rank them ahead of Modern or Bar.

We have projected the rest of the top 10 below.

4. Da Legna

5. 163

6. Zinc

7. Avellinos

8. Café Romeo

9. Marco Polo

10. Brazis

Tastie Fish would also like to announce which specific pizza is considered the best in New Haven based on our panel, and straw poll votes.

The mashed potato Pizza at Bar won our inquiry going away.

It might be the most delicious piece of food in the city, the dish goes beyond pizza.

Voters, and panel members have been in near unanimous agreement, you wont find a better pizza than the mashed potato pizza at Bar on Crown Street.

Mashed Potato Pizza

Tastie Fish would like to thank everyone who participated in this pizza investigation, it was truly a blast to put together these rankings.

The voters, and the panel members were awesome!

Thank you to all of you!

Thomas Nantask and Joseph Rosa played a pivotal role in these rankings, they are among the more knowledge food buffs in this city, fantastic job guys.

We also want to thank Bar, the staff, the management, and the cooks who were so welcoming during our visit, and  generated some incredible pizza when informed of the triumph.

We also would like to announce that a week from today we plan to publish a list of the best bars and nightspots in New Haven.

Stay tuned to Tastie Fish this week for more details!!!



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