Blake Gatison, who was the subject of a silver alert, shares his story with Tastie Fish

About a week ago a silver alert was issued for Blake Gatison of Branford Connecticut.

He had gone missing during his return trip from Europe, and his family was unsure of his whereabouts, or what had become of him.

The police got involved, there was an article in the New Haven Register, the concern level was high, and justified.

A silver alert is usually issued for senior citizens, or those that are believed to be suffering from a mental illness.

Blake reached out to Tastie Fish yesterday afternoon, because he is concerned that thousands of people don’t have his side of the story, and it’s important to him that people know what happened.

TF: Roughly a week ago, 8 days ago, a silver alert was issued for you. What happened? Did you leave? Did you run?

What prompted you to take off?

BG: Honestly I was spending time in Miami. I had come back from a flight abroad, and decided I wanted to take some different steps in my life. So I took a chance, went to Miami, and attempted to find some work there.

TF: When did you realize that a Silver Alert has been issued for you?

BG: I didn’t realize there was a Silver Alert until the Cops apprehended me, and told me that I had been reported missing in Miami, and Connecticut.

TF: Hold on, let me clarify something, you said they “apprehended” you. So when a Silver alert was issued in your name, as oppose to just approaching you, and informing you that people were worried about you, you felt like you were taken into custody?

BG: Yes, they gave me two options. I could either go to jail, or the hospital. They chose to impose the Baker Act on me. They did so because I didn’t have a place of residency in Miami Florida.

I was in cuffs when they gave me the proposal

TF: Ok, so even though they admitted that you might need to go to the hospital, and you were not being violent or anything, they put you in handcuffs?

BG: They did.

TF: Ok so you felt like you were being arrested, that you were being treated like a criminal?

BG: I did. When they gave me these options I was in the back of the cop car already.

TF: Ok so they took you to the hospital, how long were you there?

BG: 3 days exactly. I was denied my right to make a phone call. The entire time the cop was driving me to the hospital, I kept asking him to let me call someone to tell them where I am because if there is a missing persons report, I want to get it out in the air where I am going, and the cop was very standoffish, he would not let me do it.

TF: Did your family get involved at that point to get you out of there, and get you home?

BG: They called my family when I got to the hospital. My family motioned for me to be released, but under the Baker Act, they kept me there for 3 days

TF: You were telling Jared that they were soliciting medication to you that you didn’t feel you needed?

BG: I talked to the doctor for roughly 5 minutes, and he told me I “had better” take this medicine. I told them I was willing to do therapy, exercises¬†anything they think I needed to figure out if there is something wrong with my mental health.

They really wanted me to take the medicine, but I didn’t see the need for it.

TF: Did you think it was odd that a missing persons report was filed in your name, and when your found by the authorities, they arrest you, sequester you in a hospital, and don’t allow you to contact your family or anyone else?

BG: I thought it was very strange, and I expressed that to my family many times. There was nothing wrong with me, I just went out on my own for a little bit.

TF: Did this all take place in Dade County?

BG: Yes.

TF: When you got back, and realized you had been all over twitter, the register. That people around you had seen this silver alert, how did you feel?

BG: I was of course upset, especially since there was no reason for a silver alert to have been issued in the first place. Now I have people concerned about me, and wondering about me, but there is nothing wrong. That is why I wanted to tell my story, and I also want people to know what happened when the cops found me in Florida.

I was not treated as a missing person, or someone suffering a mental breakdown, I was treated like a criminal by the Dade County Police.



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