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Breaking: Mayor Harp releases statement in response to House voting to repeal Obamacare

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“I condemn the House’s action on healthcare. The House bill approved today along party lines jeopardizes health insurance coverage for millions of people with pre-existing conditions and limits the health benefits available to people covered by the Affordable Care Act. At the same time, this bill decimates the Medicaid program. It cuts federal Medicaid payments to the states by $880 billion over 10 years and will cause some 10 million people to lose Medicaid coverage.”

“We do not want to go back to a time when Medicaid funding was too limited to fulfill the program’s intended purposes. We do not want to see families of children born with preexisting conditions face skyrocketing premiums and exceed lifetime caps, because Congress put politics before families.”

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“Should this bill become law, cities will be forced to curtail services to children, the disabled, and the elderly, and there will be a dramatic decline in the ability of our hospitals and clinics—both public and private—to treat and prevent a host of serious conditions – diabetes, opioid abuse, and mental illness among them.”

“Healthcare provides for a healthier workforce, which drives the local economies that are the bedrock of national prosperity. As of today, the health of that workforce is threatened.”

“Congress should put families first. I urge the Senate to reject this misguided legislation.”




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