Chaos in New Haven as an armed assailant shoots two cops and a woman

Officer Scott Shumway

Earlier this morning a domestic dispute eurpted into an armed standoff with New Haven Police Officers.

The scene “was something out of an action movie” according to observers

The shooting took place at 638-640 Elm Street.

The dispute was between a retired corrections officer, and his wife.

The woman and 2 cops were wounded, and after an exchange of gun fire the gunman was shot by the Swat team, and transported to Yale/New Haven hospital where he is in critical condition.

The gun fight exploded in in broad daylight when police officers responded to urget 911 calls claiming a man with a gun was threatening his wife.

The gunman has been identified as John Douglass Monroe.

When the cops responded, Monroe disappeared.

Monroe’s wife was found was shot in the hands, the arm, the back, and her chest.

At that point, chaos consumed the south side of New Haven as about 50 cops, swat, the state police, the West Haven police, and other law enforcement authorities descended upon the area, and began the process of locating the shooter.

NHPD was able to remove residents that lived in the building without any issue, but encountered the suspect as they were finalizing the evacuation.

The suspect shot the two police officers as they were attempting to clear the building.

Those officers have been identified as Scott Shumway, and Eric Pessino.

Officer Eric Pesino

After the the triple shooting, hostage negotiators attempted to reach Monroe by phone for hours, but were unable to do so.

At “some point during that time, Monroe relocated to the basement of the building, when law enforcement approached the basement door, the suspect pointed a long gun at them”, and was taken down by swat.

The suspect is now in custody, and will face numerous charges according to the NHPD.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell met with the New Haven Press corps at police headquarters this afternoon to discuss the incident.

Here is a video transcript of that press conference.

The NHPD did not disclose or confirm various aspects of this story.

They did not provide comment on the type of firearm Monroe used during the assault, or what the actual dynamics of the dispute was.

They also did not reveal the name of the woman who was shot prior to the police officers, only that she is John Monroe’s wife.

NHPD also confirmed that the US Attorney, the states attorney, and the state police will assume control of the investigation, and will be able to provide further details at a date to be determined.

More on this story as it develops.



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