From Tastie Fish

Mayor Toni Harp issues statement on the 23 prostesters that were arrested (Updated)

From Tastie Fish

New Haven was treated to some serious advocacy Thursday morning when a group of sixteen protestors blocked two separate intersections in the heart of the city.

The intersection of Chapel and College Street, as well as the intersection of York and Elm were blocked by advocates demonstrating in the name of sexual assault awareness.

The protest put the city in a gridlock, and threw New Haven into a state of chaos.

According to Public Information officer  David Hartman “All 16 protestors were issued summons by the New Haven Police, and charged with disorderly conduct.

Three protestors refused to leave the middle of the street at College and Chapel, and at their insistence, were taken into custody, and now face additional charges of interfering with police”

Tastie Fish was on the scene of the York and Elm protest, and questioned responding officers as to why everybody was not taken into custody.

Why these citizens by and large were given a pass raised some questions among the reporters who responded.

Police officers informed Tastie Fish that while disruptive, the demonstration was considered to be peaceful, and the protestors at York and Elm did comply with the orders of the police.

Tastie Fish would learn such was not the case at the other location.

Shortly after the protestors were issued summons, Tastie Fish attended a press conference with city officials, and there is some confusion as to why this group chose to disrupt the entire city when they have the full support of the mayor.

This protest disrupted city business, and it did not go over well with a growing number of people.

Sources tell Tastie Fish that Mayor Toni Harp has been very encouraging and accommodating to this group of advocates, and that “ambushing her like this is frustrating to watch, it really does not make any sense”

A community leader, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, believed this protest is certainly valid, but the application was flawed.

From Tastie Fish

“I hate sexual assault, I am all for creating awareness, but why am I am being punished? Why was I thirty  minutes late to work? It’s irresponsible to be honest with you”

There is questions abound that need to be confirmed.

  1. Why did the Protestors pick the two busiest intersections of the city at rush hour? Why disrupt everyday citizens trying to get to work, the doctor?

2.  Why did the Police block off traffic as oppose to just removing the protestors? Blocking off entire streets only exacerbated the log jam.

3. Why didn’t the protestors involve City Hall? Why not request space somewhere within the city that does not disrupt the daily flow of business, or Yale students attempting to move out of the dorms?

4. How does the Mayor feel about this?

Tastie Fish has made contact with Sarah Edilson, a spokesperson for protestors, they forwarded an official statement to this magazine  about a half hour ago.

From Local 33

We responded with our above list of questions we hope they are willing to answer, we will keep everyone informed in the event they respond.

City Hall should also be releasing a statement to this magazine sometime this afternoon, we gather the Mayor is accessing the situation.


City Hall has released a statement from  Mayor Toni Harp to this magazine in regards to the protests that took place in New Haven this morning.

From Wiki

“While I defend the right of protestors to express themselves freely, and while I remain sympathetic to the concerns of these particular protestors, I share the frustration of many with the disruption caused by civil disobedience this morning,” Mayor Toni N. Harp said.

“Their message may be legitimate, but their method comes into question: today’s action created both a public safety concern and an inconvenience for hundreds who were simply on their way to work – many of them city employees.”


The New Haven police have released a revised statement, along with a higher arrest count.


Officer Hartman had originally informed this magazine that 16 protesters have been arrested, but the latest press released indicates that 23 people in total were arrested.

As of Thursday afternoon, the protesters have not responded a list of questions directed to their spokesperson Sarah Eidelson.




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