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Doug Hausladen bashes Tastie Fish on Twitter, still won’t release revenue records

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The department of Traffic and Transportation is still declining to release relevant revenue records to the Tastie Fish Newsroom.

Even as this magazine is receiving cooperation from other factions of the city government.

We have been requesting these records for a week.

Tastie Fish filed a FOIA request with the Corporation Counsels office of New Haven on Monday morning because Traffic and Transportation refused to release the revenue records for reasons that still remain unknown.

We took  this step per the instructions of Traffic and Transportation Deputy director Michael Pinto, who we gather took orders from director Doug Hausladen.

City attorney Kathleen Foster contacted Tastie Fish by phone Tuesday morning, and agreed to release the master contract between Duncan Solutions, and the City of New Haven.

Attorney Foster also informed Tastie Fish that the agreement with Duncan Solutions had actually expired, and that she would go about getting us the new agreement that is currently in place with a vendor that is unknown to this magazine at this point in time.

Attorney Foster also questioned why Tastie had been directed to submit a FOIA request to her attention when she is not the steward of the revenue records.

The Corporation Counsel’s office is in possession of the contracts Tastie Fish was seeking, but not the revenue records.

Attorney Foster explained that “The agency that is in possession of the records, is the agency that should receive a FOIA request, I am not sure why you were instructed to submit the request to me, this is a matter for Traffic and Transportation”.

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Attorney Watson would later follow up, and forward the master contract to Tastie Fish in a manner befitting of a public official.

A short while later, Tastie Fish forwarded an official FOIA request to Traffic and Transportation director Doug Hausladen.

As of the close of business Tuesday afternoon, Doug Hausladen’s office has not released the revenue records to Tastie Fish, and there is confidence within our newsroom that he did in fact receive our message.

Tastie Fish understands that a FOIA request is not infallible, there is exemptions in which an agency can withhold information that is considered to be of public interest.

National security, and other analogous situations.

Unfortunately for Traffic and Transportation, there is no such exemption that enables them to withhold city revenue records legally, the records should have turned over alongside the master contract that Tastie Fish did receive today.

As of this moment, City Hall lawyers are cooperating with Tastie Fish, but this magazine is not getting such consideration from Doug Hausladen, who has stonewalled this investigation from the beginning.

He refused to answer any of our questions for a report we filed last week, he twice declined reasonable requests to forward the revenue records, and today refused to provide the records again, even as other agencies in city hall had no issue forwarding requested documentation.

From City Data

It appears that Mr. Hausladen did not have the opportunity to respond to our clear and direct request, but he found time to respond to this magazines twitter account, and accuse us of being misinformed while he hoards city records with no legal basis for doing so.

His attempts to discredit this magazine are futile, we have veteran journalists in this newsroom that have handled this story with professionalism.

The point of our reporting is to inform the public, the objective of our investigation into Traffic and Transportation is to serve the public.

There is serious public interest in this story, and Doug Hausladen’s tweet storm has amplified that interest.

The impetus of our FOIA request was to seek information, because we feel there is misinformation on the record, but we cannot confirm that with the lack of transparency currently at hand.

From The NH Register

This is not personal, this is our mandate as reporters, and no amount of juvenile insults is going to shake us from that quest.

So Mr. Hausladen has a point, Tastie Fish is uninformed when it comes to the exact revenue figures, and the man who has the ability to inform the city is refusing to do so for reasons he won’t articulate professionally.

We are uninformed because that’s the way he wants it.

He has no problem bashing this magazine on social media, but it seems to be truly difficult for him to respond to a legitimate FOIA request, Tastie Fish had to read his response on Twitter, we have not been afforded the respect of a direct email response.

We don’t see any use in engaging in a social media battle, we are quite content gathering information, and filing copy.

Some in our newsroom feel it’s curious to insult the magazine, but refuse to be transparent about the collection and calculation of public money.

According to point 16 of the Master Contract between the city of New Haven and Duncan Solutions(which we will delve into next time) that was forwarded this afternoon to Tastie Fish, the City of New Haven had the right perform an audit of Duncan Solution’s books at any time as it pertains to the agreement

Those audits could be executed at the drop of a hat, including up to 12 months after the agreement is terminated.

We don’t know for sure, but it stands to reason the city performed audits over the life of the agreement, so all the numbers Mr. Hausladen is throwing around on Twitter can actually be substantiated if he forwarded the results of any and all audits performed since the agreement was executed.

The master contract states that Duncan solutions has to provide the results of the data immediately, which we gather is not a tough feat considering the entire system is automated.

Duncan Solutions can produce the revenue records quickly, so the excuses why Traffic and Transportation is incapable of doing the same thing are running low at the moment.

Even if Duncan solutions is no longer the vendor, the results of those audits are afoot, it would be flat out irresponsible for Traffic and Transportation to not have immediate access to those figures.

Once we have had time to fully examine all of the requested documentation,  Tastie Fish will publish both the master contract, and the revenue records in their entirety.

We will also provide analysis, and reaction.

All we need is transparency and cooperation from a highly respected public official.

Mr. Hausladen shocking twitter rant this afternoon has created confusion in our newsroom, why is he so up in arms about releasing the revenue records?

What’s the big secret?

Why is he telling us that he needs to do “appropriate research” when the city has most likely performed audits over the years and those results are available?

Is that difficult to read bottom line numbers?

The Traffic and Transportation director is making this story much bigger than it has to be, and he is raising questions about what’s really going on here.

Questions that we didn’t have going in.

Our reporters will continue to investigate.

Please stay tuned to Tastie Fish as this story develops



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