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For the second time in four weeks, I was discriminated against at the Family Dollar

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4 weeks ago I published a story about an awful experience I had at the Family Dollar on Whalley Avenue in New Haven Connecticut.

An employee at the Family Dollar accused me of shoplifting, assaulted me, threatened me, and then kicked me out of the store when he realized that I had not stolen anything.

There was an outpouring of support for me after the incident, I cannot count how many emails, text messages, and phone calls I recieved after I published the story.

The consensus was clear, an employee at the Family Dollar behaved like a bigot, and the used his authority to kick me out of the store because he was wrong.

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During the fallout, Family Dollar instigated discussions with me via Twitter, and they commenced an internal investigation.

I opted not to involve law enforcement because the tape isn’t going anywhere, when I need to press criminal charges, the tape will be there for the taking.

After going to an excellent movie with my companion this afternoon, I made the mistake of going to the Family Dollar to pick up some items for dinner.

When I entered the store, I saw the same employee standing at the front register with another employee, a very nice lady who always helps me out when I have questions.

The bigoted employee starts glaring at me much in the same fashion that he did on Christmas night.

Feeling the heat, I walk directly up to the register, clarify that the gatorade in my hands was purchased by my companion earlier in the afternoon, and then leave it at the register to make CLEAR that I am on the up and up.

I actually had to go to that length just to shop, that’s how ugly the atmosphere was when I walked in.

I head to the food aisle, and start looking at rice, and other pasta combinations, as I start to make a selection I see the bigoted employee stop in my aisle, glare at me, get on the store phone that is located at the corner of the asile, and call in a shoplifting complaint even though I have been in the store for not more than a minute.

I again feel the same feeling I did on Christmas.

I feel discriminated againt, theatened, and totally uncomfortable.


I end my shopping spree, and head for the register, because if this guy keeps making me feel threatened, I am going to call the cops, and have him arrested.

As I head towards the register, an employee gets on the loudspeaker, and warns customers about the pitfalls of shoplifting, and how on top of it Family Dollar is.

I was disgusted, but i pressed on, paid for my items, and left.

But not before the very nice employee(who checked me out) at the front rolled her eyes in disgust when informed of what had just taken place.

I was baffled, ticked off, and determined more than ever to see this situation through.

How a company the size of Family Dollar would allow the same employee to act like a bigot to the same customer after a legal complaint has already been filed is something I will leave men that are smarter than me.

Family Dollar did apologize for the first incident, but that apology sure seems hallow right now.



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