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Governor Malloy speaks with Tastie Fish about Trump, DACA and Hurricane Irma

From Tastie Fish

Tastie Fish was present at a news conference this afternoon alongside city officials, state officials, first responders, law enforcement, and other city agencies.

With Hurricane Irma on the move, Connecticut is preparing for a possible disaster if the storm changes course, and heads for the eastern seaboard.

The news conference took place in the bowels of the city clerks building within the impressive emergency response center.

From Tastie Fish

After the devastatation of Hurricane Harvey, and the impending landfall of Hurriance Irma, the state of Connecticut wanted to demonstrate the full readiness of local and state agencies.

There is a chance that Hurricane Irma could strike the connecticut coast, and Governor Malloy along with Mayor Toni Harp are gathering resources to prepare for it.

During the presser, Governor Malloy stated that he believes it’s premature to draw any conclusions on the path of Hurricane Irma, but that he quite sure Connecticut will be ready to deal with it.

Governor Malloy also addressed the controversial move made by President Trump earlier in the day, the decision to end DACA with a 6 month delay.

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