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Harp, CT Next, and Senator Martin Looney cut the ribbon on the “Health Haven Hub”

From Tastie Fish

Mayor Toni Harp, Connecticut State Senator Martin Looney, and a large group of city, state, and private sector officials cut the ribbon on the sparkling new Health HavenHub facility that was constructed in cooperation with CT Next, the Innovations Places program, and the office of Economic Development for the City of New Haven.

The lavish offices sit on the 9th floor of the towering office building at 195 Church street next to the Elm City Green.

The ceremony was highlighted by high profile guests, including Glendowlyn Thames, the executive director of CT Next.

Designed as an incubator for startups within the medical field, the Health Haven Hub is well on it’s way to becoming the a true center of medical innovation not just in New Haven, but all over state of Conecticut.

The word is out as well, organizers told this magazine that the Health Haven Hub is about sold out, there is already such a demand for space, that the Health Hub executive structure is considering the idea of expansion.

Given the close proxmity to Yale University, which contains hospitals, a world class medical program, and plenty of talent being exported on a yearly basis, the fancy incubator is set to provide a home to some of the most brilliant minds on earth.

The official press release for the event detailed the type of amenties that medical innovators can expect if they invest in Health Haven Hub.

“The HUB supports global innovators seeking to change the healthcare landscape using advanced technology. Companies selected for HUB programs will receive workspace, funding, technical and professional expertise and entrepreneurial stewardship in their early stages of development.

In addition, founders will network with local and regional industry leaders through both formal and informal presentations, meetings and consultations.

The Elm City Innovation Collaborative supports Health Haven Hub via an Innovation Places grant from CTNext”.

Health Hub executives told this magazine that the plan for expansion is in the infant stages, but there will be a plan of action to counteract the extreme demand from the marketplace for work space within the offices.



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