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Mayor Harp announces the release of the Blue Ribbon Commission reading report

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For 18 months 36 passionate educators of New Haven has created a board to help improve the education of the community. Throughout those months The Blue Ribbon Reading Commission has met monthly to identify gaps in learning in order to help those in need, brainstorm the best ways to teach new material, and recommend ways to get family and community organizations involved in improving not only students’, but adults’ reading skills. Mayor Toni Harp, the Co-chair of The Blue Ribbon Reading Commission held a press conference at City Hall in New Haven yesterday, announcing the plan to help better the education of New Haven Public Schools.

This program will help teach kids literacy skills from as early as birth to age 5, a key time to build a foundation for the love of reading. Mayor Harp has a vision to make New Haven “the city that reads”. In order to do so, New Haven has created six subcommittees which include. The early literacy sub-committee, ranging from birth to grade 3. The grade level reading sub-committee targets grades 3-12 focusing on reading, writing, and english language arts. The reading disability sub-committee helps to diagnose and facilitate reading disability in students to better their learning process.

The english learners sub-committee formulates the best strategies to improve the outcome of the kids. The parents and community sub-committee gets involved in supporting their children’s literacy. The adult education sub-committee focuses on adults who may not be literate on their skill level. Studies have shown when a household has literate parents, the children are more literate. By focusing on implementing these high-quality learning programs for everyone from early childhood to adulthood.

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Straighten and improve infrastructures for change, and establishing citywide organizations for ready policies, programs, and resources. The Mayor believes that reading is fundamental for life, that’s why the New Haven Blue Ribbon Reading Commission has come together to improve the reading programs for the citizens of New Haven, therefore, developing a more educated community.



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