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Mayor Harp directs local donations as Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico

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New Haven – Mayor Toni N. Harp today spoke for thousands of city residents, expressing concern about the life-threatening devastation of Puerto Rico, subjected to the lash of Hurricane Maria so close on the heels of Hurricane Irma.

“The close ties between New Haven and Puerto Rico are manifest over many generations in hundreds and hundreds of local families with loved ones living in each place: we maintain every hope those on that island remain safe until the crisis subsides,” Mayor Harp said. “What’s more, New Haven Public Schools just completed a recruitment drive in Puerto Rico, so we know new teachers and administrators districtwide are concerned about and distracted by the effects of this storm – our prayerful thoughts are with them as well.”

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Mayor Harp said city residents who want to help friends, family, and other residents in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico can simply text ‘Unity’ to 414-44.



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