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Mayor Harp showered with boos during the NHFPL ribbon cutting ceremony

From Tastie Fish

At a press conference announcing the opening of a brand new space within the public library, an angry group of protesters crashed the event to create awareness surrounding issues they believe city hall is not addressing.

The protestors were particularly upset about a maker space, and a fancy cafe being prioritized over other potential resources that could better serve city residents.

The protesters did not seem to realize the project was the result of an innovation award, not a campaign by the Mayor’s office.

The general protest started outside before the group demanded access to the press conference, and provided enough of a disruption to change the climate in the room dramatically.

Police chief Anthony Campbell, and a group of officers maintained a steady presence during the flap, at no point did they allow the event to spiral out of control.

The scene got chaotic, when Mayor Toni Harp was met with a cascade of boos during her remarks, even engaging with the protesters as they shouted “shame, shame, shame”.

Many in attendance did not understand what the protesters were protesting, or why they chose this particular venue to voice their issues with the current administration.

Harp has been under fire from voters even since it was revealed that she dipped into pension funds, raised taxes, and provided her executive staff with healthy pay raises.

From TastieFish

Mayor Toni Harp stood strong in the face of the protesters, and pointed out that the only way low income populations have access to spaces likes Ives Squared is legislation like the Innovation Places Award, and the people behind it. .



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