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Mayor Toni Harp issues a powerful statement on Charlottesville

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I am still shocked by the violence in Virginia on Saturday, still saddened by the tragic loss of life in Charlottesville.

We stand together with fervent hope the hatred and violence will end. I grew up during Jim Crow.

While I know that there were others who benefited from bigotry and discrimination, until Saturday I never thought for one minute that they were proud of their racism, prejudice, and hatred.

I am sickened that they have started a movement in opposition to the human values I believed most Americans had finally come accept as American values although uncomfortable for some.

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That we are one human race.

What we have seen is that there are those who wish to return this country to the darkest chapter of American history, a chapter where hatred and prejudice reign.

Those of us who work in politics debate over policies, tactics, and priorities everyday. That is not what the mob in Virginia was engaged in this weekend.

This white nationalist movement by the ‘Alt-right,’ Neo-Nazi, and white supremacists challenges the very foundation of our civilization.

Will we value every citizen? Will all Americans have a chance to participate in the benefits of our country? How we choose to answer these questions will determine the future of American life.

I stand with those on the side if freedom, justice and equality and against those rallying for hate.

Faith in the core values of this nation, and live those values day after day in each exchange and transaction of the day.

My friends, your presence at Sunday’s rally gives me great faith in our future, more strength to carry on in the face of such bitter divisiveness, and best of all: fervent hope that a more peaceful, civil, respectful normal will once again, and soon, carry the day and bring out the best of what this nation can be.

Thank you again for your commitment to these ideals.

Please keep the faith. Thank you very much.



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