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New Haven honors the championship teams from Hillhouse High School

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Today the Mayor, Toni Harp held a press conference at City Hall, awarding three state championship teams from Hillhouse high school in New Haven: girls track and field, boys track and field, and boys basketball. The boys’ basketball has a record of 24 state championships so far, more than any other high school in Connecticut. While the boys’ track and field had their 3rd-year state’s championship win this past season. The girls track and field participate at the Southern Connecticut Conference this year.

12 boys were awarded on the boys basketball team, 16 on the boys track team and about 10 on the girls track team. Along with the athletes’ awards, the coaches and managers of the teams were recognized for their tremendous win. Head coach of the boys basketball team, Bernard Sutton. Track and field coaches, Darell Brown and Gary Moore, with more than 30 championships to his name.

Other honorable mentions included Paul Henderson, Kelson Johnson, Michelle Moore, and Michelle Sepulveda. The faculty and staff of Hillhouse hope that the students will remember the lessons taught to them by their coaches going forward, and hope they may also reserve scholarships to be able to attend college with this state championship win to their name.



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