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New Haven now offers free democracy parking

from City of New Haven, Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking

New Haven – City officials, mindful of the imminent, busy schedule of budget workshops and public hearings, today issued a reminder of this year’s new, convenient feature: free, downtown, ‘democracy parking’ for residents and others who want or need to attend and participate in the city’s budget preparation process and other after-hours city business.

‘Democracy parking’ allows participants in city business to park in the surface lot at 32 Elm Street, between Orange and State streets, after 5:00 p.m., and then, after attending an official city function in City Hall or the Hall of Records, have their parking stub validated by one of the security personnel. A validated stub covers what would otherwise be the cost to park there.

In the coming weeks, the New Haven Board of Alders is scheduled to hold budget hearings and workshops – in City Hall beginning at 6:00 p.m. – on April 9 and 19, and on May 9, 14, and 29.

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“The only way the board can make informed decisions about city operations is if residents get involved and have their voices heard, however, the board makes these decisions downtown, where parking becomes an issue,” said Board of Alders President Pro Tempore Jeanette Morrison, whose initiative led to the city’s ‘democracy parking’ program, and who is also Acting Mayor this week.

The prospect of parking fines had become the primary obstacle cited by so many residents so my colleagues and I worked with the traffic authority to arrange for this free, after-5:00 p.m. parking option.”

Morrison was also instrumental in the creation of what she calls ‘family parking’ – again, after 5:00 p.m. – in Yale’s Lot #51 on Temple Street, for those using the main branch of the city’s public library.

“Providing options for residents to make parking easier has generated increased engagement in the government process and use of the public library – we encourage more residents to take full advantage of this innovative program,” said Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking Director Doug Hausladen.



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