From Tastie Fish

New Haven Police prepare future Sergeants for critical incidents

From Tastie Fish

The New Haven Police department hosted a formal event for police officers that are about to be elevated to the rank of Sergeant within the police force.

NHPD explained to attending Tastie Fish that the officers on site were in the upper percentile of officers that took the Seagrent exam, and were in the final phase of preparation to take the job.

The officers simulated several different scenarios from the perspective of the supervising officer, and had a good time doing it.

Among the situations that were simulated were protests, an officer being shot, and other unfortunate situations that New Haven officers find themselves in on a daily basis.

From Tastie Fish

The officers were taught how to run a team of cops in the midst of an emergency situation, from handling the crowds, the media, and other mitigating factors within an active crime scene.

The sessions put emphasis on administrating a team, keeping critical situations under control.

The event took place at old military complex turned Police Academy on Wintergeen avenue.



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