From NBC Connecticut

Officer David Hartman and Tastie Fish disagree on the relevance of the bomb threat story

From NBC Connecticut

Tastie Fish reached out to Officer David Hartman of the New Haven Police Department Tuesday afternoon to get an official update on an alleged bomb threat that was made against the courthouse on Church street.

Hartman is the Public Information officer for the department, and was none too pleased with the idea that the situation was even a story, and he accused Tastie Fish and other news outlets of being complicit in the advertising of such behavior.

Tastie Fish was simply seeking a statement on what happened, and how the situation was cleared up.

One of our reporters witnessed the commotion this morning, and texted the editor from the site of event.

This was a news story, it was on Twitter, reporters were on the scene, so while nothing took place, the circumstances merited coverage on a slow Tuesday afternoon, a point that was proven by the media presence.

But before reporting anything, Tastie Fish wanted to reach out to officer Hartman, who is a good man, and an effective press officer.

DH: Without making light of it, it’s really puzzling that your my 3rd phone call on this, we are not going to lend any words to satisfy whoever this idiot was that called in this bomb threat. We deal with this on a daily basis. We have better things to do, than deal with idiots like this.

TF: Wow.

DH: It should not be wow, your  a journalist, this happens nationwide thousands of times, especially at courthouses where people don’t want to go to court. All it does is tie up traffic for us. 

TF: Well we are just running a story on it, and we were just seeking comment

DH: Why, there is no story, nothing happened, the media is culpable is satisfying idiots like this. Don’t run a story, there is no story.

TF: Well alright, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with us, have a good day

DH: You too

Tastie Fish understands Officer Hartman’s frustration, a bomb threat like this is a massive disruption to the daily flow of city business, and forces the police to expend resources that otherwise would be used elsewhere.

It also creates media attention when the police department has real problems to deal with in New Haven.

It’s a disaster, and receiving multiple calls from inquiring reporters over a situation that turned out to be a big nothing does merit some of his statements.


It is a story, the fact that this magazine was the 3rd such outlet to call lends credibility to us making the call in the first place.

This magazine will decide what stories we want to run, and what we believe to be relevant to the daily flow of information.

Officer Hartman is correct, running detailed reports about bomb threats does advertise the deed, and certain criminals find gratification in media coverage.

But that’s the nature of the beast isn’t it?

We have a job to do, and if there is an active bomb threat, with a heavy police presence, and network news stations on the scene, that qualifies it as a story, a story that needs a statement after the fact from law enforcement.

It’s great news this was a hoax, it’s ridiculous that the police had to expend resources, both elements are deserving of coverage.



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