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Op-ed: An open letter to Sarah Braash

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Dear Sarah Braash,

I wanted to publish an open letter in your name, originally I was going to run a story, with your perspective, and that of the young woman you reported to the police for sleeping, I do my best to be balanced, and this would be no different.

I had the story written, I spoke to a source close the situation, and was set to engage the young woman in question.

That all changed after a phone call I took about an hour ago.

I have opted to go this route, I need to speak to you directly as a resident of this city, not a beat reporter.

Part 2 – Sarah Braasch, Philosophy PhD student, called the cops on my friend a few months ago for getting lost in my building. Today she messed—again—with the wrong one.

Posted by Lolade Siyonbola on Monday, May 7, 2018

Your actions, your choices, I could not disagree with them more, and I am told this isn’t the first time you have been associated with this type of behavior, a source told me earlier that you also are a fan of hate speech.

I want you to know that I entertain about 15 to 20 emails a day from readers, telling me my writing sucks, or you need to cover this, the communications run the gamut.

Today I received over 60, and they were all about you, in my 2 years covering the Elm City, I have never seen so much anger towards one person in my inbox, and that includes the President of the United States.

You have made an impact Sarah, I sense you had no clue you would be outed to this degree.

I don’t know you personally, nor do I need to, but I want you to understand the totality of the fallout you have engendered, and use this experience as a chance to grow.

You are still young, there is tremendous opportunity for you to elevate yourself beyond this chain of events.

Your phone calls, your words, have galvanized a city that was already super progressive.

Aside from being part of the global discussion, and humiliating New Haven on the national stage, your actions gave city residents a chance to showcase a trait that defines this community.

Our utter distaste for regressive behavior.

New Haven is for change, love, diversity, inclusion, this is not the spot to hold a Klan rally if you know what I mean.

I don’t feel sorry for you, this situation is of your own making, but that does not mean it has to define you, there will be a chance to redeem yourself eventually.

There always is, God forgives, and I have a gut feeling this will be no exception.

It would make sense to apologize to the young woman you share a University with, Yale University itself, and the citizens of New Haven.

Might want to apologize to everyone you offended, and trust me, that number is in nine figure territory.

Your behavior hurt alot of people, but I am certain everyone would listen to an honest apology.

Now, if that is too difficult Sarah, if you honestly have a problem sharing space with minorities, this is wrong place for you, the option would be to leave the city.

I can’t promise however that black people don’t live elsewhere.

From Twitter

You have the right to harbor bigoted values if that is indeed your system, and we have the right to disagree with you, this is America, everyone has a right.

But this is also New Haven, apathy is in short supply round these parts, there is something about marauding bigots that does not sit well with this population, and you are the most famous person in the city right now for all the wrong reasons.

There will be pressure on Yale University to dismiss you from the school, a choice that they will make in due course.

But let me offer you some friendly advice.

if you’re going to live here, if you’re going to be a student here, it might help you’re cause to be a little more open to different people, and new possibilities.

Just a suggestion,





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