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Op-ed: Is Mayor Harp is alienating the people that voted for her?

From Tastie Fish

As Tastie Fish has grown as a news publication, I often can sense the general feeling in the room based on reader emails alone.

The readers dictate a large portion of my editorial agenda, especially since I started covering the city beat in New Haven.

Tonight there is serious heat regarding Mayor Toni Harp, facebook, email, text, and the chaos seemed to kick into high gear when WTNH ran this story earlier tonight.

The WTNH piece was comprehensive,  left very little room for ambiguity.

Brass tacks?

There is serious concern about how the Mayor is handling taxpayer money, which is on the Mount Olympus of nightmare scenarios for an incumbent steward.

New Haven is less than pleased with city hall for 2 reasons

Mayor Harp pushed through an double digit tax increase a few weeks ago within a city that has a thriving low to middle income population

After instigating the increase, the Mayor distributed healthy pay raises to executive members of her staff

WTNH snapped the picture into focus tonight, and they did so with the type of headline that will cause confusion in the Elm city.

As a cherry on top, the network reported the Board of Alders will launch a “formal investigation”.

The investigation (if it actually goes down) is good goverance, the people need to be represented.


I have spent quite a bit of time around Mayor Toni Harp, covered her for close to two years now, I am reluctant to believe that she is guilty of serious wrong doing.

More likely, she made a decision within her purview,  that marginalized and alienated people that voted for her.

Questions abound.

Did the Mayor consider the potential backlash when ordering these raises?

I have to believe she did, we are talking about an extremely intelligent woman, an accomplished politician that has been in the law making industry  for over 20 years.

Shortchanging the voting taxpayers is bad business, even the perception of it is bad business.

I am not going to make any assumptions regarding where this story is going, but it’s important to point something out.

Harp was voted into office by the lower class voters, that population turned out for the Mayor, and delivered her another term on a silver platter.

The election was not even a competition, Harp swallowed challenger Marcus Paca like a cheeseburger.

I was at the campaign rallies, press conferences, I even attended her reception the night she was reelected.

I heard the speeches, absorbed the ticket, and what I am hearing from citizens is not consistent with what I heard.

The voice of the people is loudest, and right now, they are very unhappy with Mayor Toni Harp.




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