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Poll: Elm City Social is the best bar in New Haven

From Tastie Fish

Tastie Fish is proud to present our list of the best bars in the city of New Haven.

This magazine would like to thank the random panel of citizens that have contributed to this project over the last few weeks.

These rankings do not reflect the views and opinions of contributors to this publication.

Our panel was made up of everyday citizens that were open to having a free drink, and as well as reader submissions.

From Tastie Fish
  1. Elm City Social 

Elm City Social has been appointed the best bar in New Haven by our panel, and the community. The service, the food,  the drinks, the open air, and the rooftop deck were the biggest contributing factors to the amazing amount of 1st place votes for Elm City Social. The establishment is family friendly, perfect for happy hour, but still retains appeal for the late night crowd.

Elm City Social is the Pound for Pound champion of New Haven, Tastie Fish wishes to extend our congrats

From Tastie Fish

2.  Owl Shop

The Cigar lounge on College street is wildly popular with residents, and it’s not just the older crowd that enjoys it. One of the few places that allows smoking inside, the drinks and the service are among the best in the city, if not the best.

The lounge has been running in the city of New Haven since just before World War 2, it’s considered a cornerstone of the Elm city.

While some panel cited the cigar smoke as somewhat of a deterrent, nearly everyone on the panel enjoys the bar whether they smoke or not. No bar in New Haven is as comfortable as the Owl Shop according to our agents, inside and outside the seating encourages patrons to relax, but the bar is social enough to be bustling with laughter and activity.

High profile citizens frequent the owl shop, even Zach Miller was spotted there last summer

From Tastie Fish

3. 116 Crown

This hidden gem of a watering hole is tucked away on Crown street, but has managed to create a massive following. The bar looks and feels like Manhattan New York, a very high class bar with high class drinks. The interior is beautiful, a perfect spot to take a partner, or family that is visiting the city. The food is also absolutely scrumptious, highly recommended by our panel. 116 crown also has a bomb happy hour, in fact, there might not be a better happy hour spot in the city

From Tastie Fish

4.    Stella Blues

Stella Blues is a fantastic venue for fun, and friends. The bar is somewhat of a small concert venue, continually featuring good bands within a diverse range of music. The drinks are well priced, and the establishment is expansive, the backroom has a pool table, a second bar, and a deck. Panel members cited the atmosphere at Stella Blues, “that’s what sets it apart”.

From Tastie Fish

5. Trinity

Trinity is to New Haven what the “Cheers was too television. The most social bar in New Haven with an Allstar team of bartenders that remember your name and your face. The bar is huge, between the back room, the expansive bar area, and the enormous back deck.  Trinity is the spot for the Super Bowl, Tango lessons, working professional conventions, live music,  Irish culture, and a darn good time.

The food is glorious, an authentic taste of Ireland, the drinks are super well priced, and the service is top shelf.

From Tastie Fish

6. 3 Sheets

7. Ordinary

From Tastie Fish


9. Christopher Martins

10. Barracuda

We want to thank everyone who participated in this poll, the response has been fantastic, and has encouraged us to furnish similar polls in the future.

From Tastie Fish

By no means are we discouraging anyone from attending bars that did not make the list, nor do we feel that these rankings are infallible.



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