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Read: Mayor Harp sends thank you letter to supporters after election victory

From Tastie Fish

I write with gratitude for the support I received from voters November 7, and with appreciation for so many words and expressions of support – throughout the campaign and since Election Day.

The scores of volunteers who canvassed neighborhoods, made phone calls, and put up lawn signs literally embodied the campaign. Their efforts are the lifeblood of the democratic process, through which important decisions are made and the future is shaped.

From Tastie Fish

New Haven is a unique and remarkable place; the exceptional character of its residents and their resolve to build on its history of success make me extremely proud to be mayor. I’m grateful for the votes of so many of those residents, providing the opportunity for me to continue my work on their behalf.

The voters expressed confidence in my vision to continue moving New Haven forward. These past few months I’ve also listened to feedback about how we should approach these days and years ahead.

We’ll continue to focus on public schools so they prepare young people to succeed and build the quality of life they desire. New Haven will continue to be a safe city, and provide sanctuary for those who need it. New Haven businesses will continue to thrive to their fullest potential.

I congratulate each member of the Board of Alders on his/her election and I look forward to advancing the partnership we enjoy in city government. I’m honored and humbled to be mayor – and I’m grateful for the work of so many people to make New Haven the best city in Connecticut.

New Haven provided my family and me the opportunity to grow and learn and serve; I’ll do all I can to ensure all New Haven families are provided that same opportunity.






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