Update: DESK Soup Kitchen executive director Steve Werlin reaches out to Tastie Fish


Tastie has learned that the Desk Soup Kitchen of New Haven may have engaged in some questionable practices last week during the evening meal.

Desk is dedicated to feeding the hungry, and helping the homeless, the organization provides a safe haven to many in this city who are down on their luck.

They are traditionally a great organization for the city.

But multiple sources have indicated to Tastie Fish that on April 26th, during the evening meal, DESK administrator Meagan Howard refused to allow a second  helping to those in attendance, and then, to the shock of the some of the workers, ordered the food be thrown in the trash once the session had ended.

Multiple voicemails and emails to DESK went unreturned as of Thursday afternoon, but Tastie Fish reporters are curious as to why a soup kitchen would not only refuse to provide a second helping, but throw out large amounts of food after the fact.

From Twitter

Desk enjoys a healthy amount of donations, on the company website it says

“The Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen relies on individual donors and grants from foundations in order to maintain the much-needed food programs it operates.

While it may not seem like much, a $10 donation can make a big difference in helping us to serve those in need.

If you have a dollar to spare or are interested in making DESK your primary philanthropic beneficiary, please click below.”

Tastie Fish reporters believe that the food that was thrown out was subsidized through donations, so in reality, there is no excuse for that food to not have been disseminated a second time when the situation called for it, nor should it have been thrown out after the fact.

That food belongs to the people who need it, that’s why DESK receives donations, to feed the hungry.

The website says ” DESK‘s great community value is in its commitment & capacity to grow as the face of hunger grows”

Tastie Fish is curious how the organization will square this alleged occurrence with the above mission statement.

Tastie Fish is still awaiting comment from the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.


Steve Werlin, the executive director of DESK responded to an email, and then contacted this magazine directly about an 2 hours ago.

Mr. Werlin wished to clarify some of the issues raised in a report Tastie filed this afternoon, and did so during a pleasant telephone conversation with one of our reporters.

“I would like to address a couple points, the food that we throw out is generally expiring, or about to do so. We do the best with what we have.  We gather food from different suppliers, Yale Dining, local grocery stores that have overages, the Connecticut Food bank, and sometimes that food needs to be thrown out.

There is health issues to consider, if I get sick, and have to go to the hospital, I can, but some of our clients?

I can’t take that risk, so yes we throw away food, but we do as a precaution.

To someone who does not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the amount of food thrown out may look like a large amount, but in reality, it isn’t.

In regards to not serving second helpings, it could create a serious problem if we don’t give a second helping to everybody, and if that’s not possible, we don’t do it. I have to consider all my clients at all times.

Our organization is always open to criticism, and we understand that you are calling in the interest of the clients, which is great, but we are all on the same team here.

I welcome you to come down, and do a follow up story”

Tastie Fish does plan to follow up on this story, our concern is lies with disadvantaged citizens, and organizations like DESK are essential to so many people in this city.





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