From Tastie Fish

State and City Officials announce a $500,000 rail system/port study

From Tastie Fish

A high profile group of city and state officials announced a special study that will appraise the health of the rail system that feeds the New Haven Port.

The contingent included Mayor Toni Harp, State Senator Martin Looney, Port Authority Chairman Scott Bates, and New Haven Port Authority Executive Director Judi Sheiffele.

The state bond commission will allocate $500,000 to fund the project that will study the connectivity between the port of New Haven, and regional rail lines.

The grant was approved by the State Bond Commission at it’s June 1st meeting.

City officials tell Tastie Fish that the deal is in principle at this stage, the general contract has yet to be hammered out, but the group seems confident a deal will get done in the next 3 months.

Once the deal is executed, and the study is given the green light, what then?

Nobody seemed to know.

This study did not come out of the blue, clearly there is something going on with the rail system in regards to the Elm city port, and it needs to be evaluated before changes can be made.

That’s a fair reason to spend money on such a project, but the timetable seemed to be a mystery.

The port in question is not only important to New Haven, this is a gateway city, freight comes to our shores from all over the planet.

When pressed by Tastie Fish as to what would come of this project, and the exact window between this study, and potential upgrades, a Port Authority adminstrator told this magazine “he was not sure”.

The purpose of a study such as this one is to set parameters for improvements, however, if there is problems within the rail system that feeds the ports, it needs to be fixed in short order.

Free trade is predicated upon several things,  a working rail system, and a healthy port is high on the list, that is the way of things in the modern age of man.

An indefinite timeline ensures the problems(which have not been confirmed yet) will remain in place for an extended period of time, which in turn could disrupt the general flow of commerce.

Despite the questions surrounding the project, the group seemed optimistic about the eventual results of this initiative.




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