From Tastie Fish

Tastie Fish files FOIA request with the New Haven Finance Department

From Tastie Fish

The Tastie Fish newsroom filed an official FOIA request with the New Haven Finance department this morning.

We have shared contents of the request as a matter of record.

We submitted the request to City Attorney Kathleen Foster, and Finance Controller Darryl Jones

Greetings Kathleen and Darryl

I hope everyone is well.

We wanted to file an official FOIA request with the New Haven Finance Department for the following items.

The yearly revenue audits submitted by the private software contractors that work with the Department of Traffic and Transportation from the years 2011-2016.

The actual revenue(after the split with the contractors) Traffic and Transportation brought in on a yearly basis between the years 2011-2016, and how much the ancillary streams brought in such as Residential Parking, Meter Revenue, Tags, etc.

Any and all email communications sent from government accounts between the Finance Department, and the Department of Traffic and Transportation in regards to our FOIA request, or our inquiry into the revenue records which started in mid April.

From Twitter

In April we filed a FOIA request for revenue records with the Director of Traffic and Transportation, the records submitted to us were incomplete, they did not contain the audits, only tables that cannot be verified.

We can forward the email Michael Pinto forwarded to us that claimed our request was satisfied, we can also provide the slip drive that was released to us in regards to the communication.

When asked about the audits that are detailed in both master contracts, Doug Hausladen told our reporters in an email he has never seen the audits, does not know what they look like, so were curious what the source of the records he submitted was, and would like to see the actual audits as soon as possible, as well as the coordination between the Department of Finance, and the Department of Traffic and Transportation in the production of those records that were sent to us in April.

If the DOT director did not coordinate with the Finance Department, we don’t see how he produced revenue records to us.

After asking for the audits, Doug Hausladen told us a month ago that Deputy Director Michael Pinto would check with the Finance Department, and get back to us(never happened), so we are curious to see what exactly took place.

I spoke with you at Darryl at a press conference over a month ago, and you gave me the impression that such a request would be easy to accommodate, but when I called you several times, and sent you a follow up email after the fact, you never responded.

So I would like to file this official request, and I would prefer if the audits and the communications were submitted in PDF form, or a slip drive.

From Tastie Fish

We plan on publishing these records in full, so digital form makes the process easier.

There is great public interest in this story, so it’s important to us that we gain access to these records.

Kathleen, I am copying you on the message as a matter or protocol.

thank you, 

Tastie Fish will update this story as it develops



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