From Tastie Fish

The fiasco after Rabbi Daniel’s Greers court hearing was absolutely insane

From Tastie Fish

Earlier this morning Tastie Fish attended a pre trial hearing for accused sexual abuser Rabbi Daniel Greer alongside WNPR, the New HavenIndependent, and Larry

It was rather uneventful, Mr. Greer did not enter a plea, and his next hearing was scheduled for October 11th.

Greer stands accused of sexual related crimes against a minor that attended his school.

That same person sued Greer, and secured a judgement to the tune of $20 million dollars last spring.

Tastie Fish has reported this much before, but what took place outside of superior court in New Haven after the hearing was surreal.

After the hearing concludes, the press heads downstairs, and awaits Greer’s perp walk to his car.

After about 15 minutes, we notice that Greer has not exited  the building, but his lawyers had, which seemed odd.

The crunch of reporters noticed Greer’s lawyers circle the block, and drop money into the meter next to Greer’s car.

Everyone chuckled, Greer was in for the long haul, he was willing to delay his exit from the court house by hours to avoid the media, to the point, that he dispacthed his lawyer to reup the parking meter.

Tastie Fish alongside other brave reporters, dug our heels in, and waited.

Larry Noodles had the idea that we should move away from the court house to a location around the corner where Mr. Greer cannot see us.

It’s decided the idea has merit, and everyone sneaks around the corner directly in front of Mr. Greer’s car,  but out of sight for anyone exiting the court house.

Sure enough, as the time on the meter began to expire, the trunk to Mr Greer’s car flies open, but Mr. Greer was nowhere to be seen.

It was Batman type stuff.

The group of reporters approaches the car, because it’s clear Mr. Greer remotely opened his trunk, and would be arriving shortly.

Mr. Greer exits the court house, turns the corner, sees the press, and runs right back into the court house.

But there is one probem.

His trunk is open.

Mr. Greer had such anxiety about the shame that accompanies such charges, that was willing to leave his car exposed in the middle of New Haven in broad daylight.

The situation was comical, but telling, why won’t Mr. Greer face the press?

He is innocent right?

The open trunk rumor started to spread through the courthouse, Prosecutors, Court Reporters, several people popped outside to commune with Tastie Fish about this very strange occurence.

Which it was.

From Tastie Fish

About 25 min later, Greer’s lawyer remerges, from the city foliage, and shuts Greer’s trunk as he laughed with the press.

About 15 minutes later, Larry Noodles starts running towards the front of the courthouse, and before Tastie Fish can arrive, Greer is picked up by a woman this magazine cannot identify, and takes off down the street in a blue honda accord.

At that point Tastie Fish decided the chase was no longer worth the prize, and headed home.

On the way home, Tastie Fish spotted Greer getting out of the same Honda Accord that jetted him out of danger 10 minutes prior.

Greer instructed the woman to get out of the car, and drive his, but not before we got to ask him some questions.

Rabbi Daniel Greer stands accused of serious crimes, crimes against children,  and while he silently maintains his innocence, going James Bond on the press is not going to convince anyone in this community that he is innocent.

Especially after the results of the civil trial.

More on this story as it develops




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