From Tastie Fish

The Holly Tucker story is confusing our newsroom

From Tastie Fish

The New Haven Register reported on Tuesday that Officer Jennifer McDermott has been cleared of police misconduct by internal affairs after a late night arrest of Holly Tucker in 2016.

Tucker had alleged brutality on the part of McDermott, and is currently engaged in a civil action against the NHPD.

Tastie Fish conducted an extensive investigation into the allegations last July, and failed to find evidence of wrong doing by Officer Jennifer McDermott, the other Officers on the scene, or the New Haven Police Department.

We have reposted videos of the incident.

Internal Affairs conducted it’s own investigation in wake of the alleged assault, and informed Tastie Fish(through documentation) they had cleared McDermott of any wrong doing.

They did so in part, because Tucker never showed up for her interview.

We have Posted the documents that were turned over to us over the course of the investigation.

That was almost 6 months ago, so our newsroom found the report in the New Haven Register curious on several levels, including the fact that they seemed to be publishing material we ran last summer.

Officer Jennifer McDermott took leave from the force shortly thereafter due to an injury, and would be arrested herself for robbing a BJ’s Wholesale club in Stratford Connecticut in September of 2017.

Tastie Fish would also learn that there was a confrontation between Holly Tucker, and Officer McDermott in a Bridgeport courthouse during a preliminary hearing concerning Officer McDermott’s arrest.

Last month, Internal Affairs informed Tastie Fish in an email that they had investigated the alleged courthouse confrontation after Tucker filed yet another complaint with the department.

Here is the email they sent us. 

“Internal Affairs (IA) case number 066-17-C received November 16, 2017, is a complaint about off duty Officer Jennifer McDermott.

The incident took place in the City of Bridgeport Superior Court.  A New Haven Police Department officer was there on personal business when citizens, one of whom was a complainant in a previous case involving that same officer, were also at the location and planned to monitor court proceedings.

It is reported that following a verbal dispute in a lobby area, judicial marshals intervened and asked those not having business before the court to leave the court building. 

Complainant is a witness reporting the incident.

Complainant in this case has been referred to administrative supervisors for court marshals and given instructions on how to file a criminal complaint with Connecticut State Police (CSP) for criminal complaint originating in a state court.
Investigation of 066-17-C is closed.  Notification made to complainant. Closure letter pending for file”.

Tastie Fish was unable to reach Holly Tucker, her attorneys, the New Haven Register,  or the New Haven Police Departmenr for comment as of the publishing of this story.

Holly Tucker gave emotional testimony to Tastie Fish Radio in the weeks after our investigation, you can listen to it here.

Tastie Fish will continue to investigate why a story we published last year seems to be a scoop all of sudden.

We also noticed that the New Haven Police Department claims that McDermott no longer works for the department after informing this magazine otherwise less than two months ago

Based on our reporting, we believe McDermott being removed from the NHPD has more to do with the bizarre details of her arrest(check out the link) for robbery, not any allegations of police brutality.

More on this story as it develops.




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