From Tastie Fish

A massive fire above Trinity Bar burns a man alive, engulfs the building

From Tastie Fish

Tastie Fish was live behind police lines as the first responders of New Haven attempted to control a raging fire that had originated in the loft apartment directly above Trinity Bar and Grill on Orange street.

Nobody was killed, the man who lives in the apartment was burned alive.

The fire was destructive, an eye popping level of combustion that created a bit of a sonic boom as windows were blown out, AC units exploded, and people ran for their lives.

From Tastie Fish

A source, who lived in the building told Tastie Fish

“I went to the gym, took a nap, I woke up to fire alarms, smoke, and heat.

The fire started in the apartment below me, and when I attempted to get out, I saw the man who lives in the apartment on fire, burning, I attempted to help him get out, but he was in so much pain that I could not move him, the man told me “he had no idea what happened”, that he woke up on fire with all of this going on.”

From Tastie Fish

A law enforcement source confirmed to Tastie Fish that the fire did indeed start on the second floor, and that man who lived in that apartment is currently in critical conditon at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Trinity Bar and Grill meanwhile took serious water damage, sources told this magazine the damage will keep the bar closed for quite awhile.

Which is a massive blow to the staff,  the ownership, and the customers that adore the establishment.

That same source told Tastie Fish that the head of the development for the city will make efforts to find Trinity a new space while they rebuild.

But the damage is done, and it’s sad beyond words.

Trinity Bar and Grill is a beacon of fun and civility, a pillar of the New Haven community, to see such a beautiful business suffer this type of setback is about as unfair as it gets.

The ownership, and the staff of Trinity will not be making any statements to the media or anyone else at this time, this was a devastating situation for all of them.

There is a currently a criminal investigation underway that is attempting to sort what happened with the fire, detectives, and arson investigators were working the scene, but elected not to go on the record.

Sources on the scene did say however that there “is great interest” as to why a fire of this magnitude started in the 2nd floor apartment, and what the individual in question was doing at the time of the blast.

From Tastie Fish

The scene on orange street was chaotic, the entire city was there,  everyone seemed sullen as they picked through the debris of the incident, and attempted to make sense of this most horrible occurence.

Tastie Fish will have an update on the criminal investigation and any other developments sometime later tonight.

Note from the editor

The situation on Orange street today will stick with me for the rest of my life, I was present to cover a terrible fire, but my because of the relationship I have with Trinity, and the staff, and the people that frequent, I found this particular story to be gut wrenching, among the more difficult stories I have ever covered in my entire career.

There emotion on the scene is difficult to describe, so I am not going to try.

I may have been working, but I did not feel like a reporter today, it was like watching a family member in trouble.

From Tastie Fish

I want to say to the staff at Trinity Bar and Grill, we love you, we are with you, and we are so happy that everyone got out of the building.

To my friend, who I thought was dead for hours, thank heavens you are ok, I love you, and I will see you soon.



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