From Tastie Fish

Giovanni Zinn informs Tastie Fish of New Haven’s plan to use clean energy

From Tastie Fish

Tastie Fish had the opportunity to speak with New Haven City Engineer Giovanni Zinn on the sidelines of Mayor Harp’s clean energy press conference at city hall in downtown New Haven Wednesday afternoon.

During the gathering, Mr. Zinn announced several measures the city of New Haven is taking distance themselves from the controversial views of the White House, and invest in renewable and solar energy.

Mr. Zinn was kind enough to speak with Tastie Fish, and explain in greater detail what his office is to ensure New Haven is ahead of the curve when it comes to energy.

Mayor Toni Harp also provided remarks, stating her intention to keep the Elm City green, and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

It was announced at the press conference that the Department of Traffic and Transportation will also be involved in the effort, DOT Director Doug Hausladen will be spearheading a bike share program that is generating quite a bit of excitement, and will cooperate with the general campaign to keep New Haven clean.





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