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Video: Rabbi Daniel Greer leaves court after pleading not guilty to sexual assault

From Tastie Fish

Rabbi Daniel Greer was arraigned in New Haven Superior Court Monday morning in a case that is sure to consume the city of New Haven in the next couple months.

Greer entered a plea of not guilty, his next court date was scheduled for August 29th across the street in district court.

Greer was quiet, and understated during his court appearance, Mr. Greer did not speak to the media afterwards.

Rabbi Greer faces 2nd degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor.

Greer was charged by police on July 27th, and turned himself in after posting a $100,000 bond.

There was anger in the New Haven Community about why it took so long for criminal charges to be filed.

A law enforcement source told Tastie Fish Monday morning “we were waiting for the civil case to be adjudicated, it was, and we proceeded”.

Greer was ordered by a judge to pay $20 million dollars to a man he allegedly abused. Eliyahu Mirlis accused Rabbi Greer of sexually abusing him while Mirlis was a student at the school.

When pressed for answers after the arraignment, Greer’s attorney William Dow told Tastie Fish that he and his client are refusing interviews at this point in time “We will try the case in court”. 

Tastie Fish also spoke with attorney Larry Dressler, of Larry

Dressler has been on the case for close to a year, and predicts Rabbi Greer will do no less than 5 years in jail, even if he pleads out.

Please stay tuned to Tastie Fish as this story develops.



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