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What’s going on with the Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking?

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Over the last few days, Tastie Fish dove into the deep end with the New Haven Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking – and it seems there may be some trash in the water.

While investigating why traffic employees weren’t being treated correctly, by working unpaid overtime and working without a contract for more than a year, investigators hit a wall – where’s the money going if it’s not going to the employees?

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Following a money trail, especially within government, can be akin to a needle in a haystack, blindfolded– but it doesn’t have to be. There is no “red tape” getting in our way, merely one individual who seems to have taken this news outlet’s questioning as an insult.

After giving our reporters the run around, the Director of the Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking, Douglas Hausladen felt it best to deal with a pestering reporter by ignoring official requests for records and comment and instead took to twitter.

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Everyone loves a good twitter war, the memes alone are gold, but this publication has a much, much bigger fish to fry: there are millions of dollars unaccounted for that Director Hausladen refuses to explain.

On Twitter he mentioned the revenue discrepancies could be explained because New Haven recently employed a “vendor to be software engine for the ticketing process” – fast enough answer, but why not show us the paperwork behind it? Why wait to respond until your twitter account needs attention? Why is a public official reacting this way on Twitter at all?

He even said “unresearched drivel passed as News gets my ire – this is how Trump won & CNN keeps us confused” and challenging our writers to “use the plural ‘reporters’ and the word ‘editor’ Can one person edit their own writing? –  there is a special kind of irony for a man who mocks a local, up in coming news outlet’s grammar, while simultaneously making up words and conflating us with Trump.

From City of New Haven, Department of Transportation, Traffic and Parking

If you’re one for conspiracy theories, (and really who isn’t?) there are a lot of possibilities with this one: Does Doug have the answers we seek? Is he uninformed or suspicious?

Why would he choose to respond this way on twitter, and especially, why make it personal about this outlet? By mocking one news source and complimenting others (he shouted out the New Haven Register and New Haven Indy, specifically reporters Mary O’Leary and Paul Bass) it doesn’t seem like a genuine insult but more akin to how Trump praises all positive press and personally insults and degrades any negative. Why you so mad Doug? #sadtrombone 

We don’t have answers to any of these questions yet, but hopefully Doug and the rest of his team can comply with our official request for documents as well as the questions in this article…preferably not on Twitter, but we’ll take any truth we can get.



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