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Why would Trump ban words like “transgender”, or “science based”?

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The Trump administration has directed the Center for Disease Control to ban the following words from any future budget related documents.

“vulnerable” “entitlement” “diversity” “transgender” “fetus” “evidence-based” “science-based.”

The academic reasoning behind this puzzling request from the White House has yet to emerge, so the general public reacted in a manner some might expect.

Pure outrage.

The list is viewed as an affront to minorities, transgenders, the entire scientific community, and very few people can figure out why such a ban was neccessary.

To ban words such as “diversity”, and “fetus”, from ever appearing in budget related documents produced by the CDC does not pass the smell test.

Banning any language(aside from 4 letter words) from CDC based reports handcuffs the organization’s ability to save lives.

All Americans must be represented in budget related CDC documents, because all Americans are subject to disease, nobody should be precluded from consideration.

It appears the Trump administration is openly inserting bigotry into an organization that is obligated to look beyond race, sexuality, yet the President of the United States just directed them to do just that.

The list of banned words is consistent with Trump’s approach to the American melting pot, and it’s doubtful that anyone but Trump would have the authority, or the inclination, to make sure such words are erased from CDC documents.

President Trump has become more and more brazen expousing bigotry, and this odd request is a graphic demonstration of that.




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