From Tastie Fish

Would anyone like to adopt this cat? Her name is Gyn, and she needs a home

From Tastie Fish

About 2 weeks ago a very young cat showed up at our editor’s house, and took up residence under his car.

The cat had a collar, but somehow lost it.

She is much to friendly to be a feral cat.

She is stubborn, she really wants a home, to the point that she won’t leave our front yard.

We are not sure of her age, but she appears to be less than 4 months old.

Our editor took her to the shelter Saturday morning to get her checked for bugs and other such things, than we plan to put her up for adoption.

From Tastie Fish

If there is anyone in the Connecticut area that needs an oddly loving cat that is not yet fully grown, please respond to this advertisement.

Our editor would keep her, but he is allergic, and we are too nervous to leave her at the shelter.

Please respond in the comment section below, or contact us personally!


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