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24 dead and counting: The catastrophic building fire in Oakland is a horrible American tragedy

From Kron
From Kron

Earlier this week a fire broke out at a building in Oakland that was in process of hosting a party.

Because of the amount of people who were in the building, and the lack of an escape route, the death toll is rising by the day, and the impact of the fire is being felt all over the country.

The party was almost in full swing when the fire started.

From CNN

At least 24 people have been confirmed dead in a massive blaze that gutted a converted warehouse over the weekend during an electronic dance party.

The death toll is expected to rise as crews search the wreckage of the two-story building, which burst into flames late Friday night. Only some 20% of the building had been searched as of Sunday morning, authorities said.

Oakland battalion fire chief Melinda Drayton said the recovery search would be long and arduous as firefighters work to remove debris “literally bucket by bucket in a methodical, thoughtful, mindful and compassionate way.”

As of now, the source of the blaze has not been determined, investigators are still attempting to secure the scene, and the cause of this awful circumstance might not be known for days, even weeks.

The nightmare scenario will serve as a referendum on fire code specifications.

The city of Oakland is still recovering from the shock, and as the body count rises the wounds will be kept open.

What a terrible situation for the Oakland Community.





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