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A “rare” giant rabbit dies in the cargo hold of a United Airlines plane

From Telegraph

The PR disaster that has consumed United Airlines since video tape of a customer being dragged a plane shows no signs of slowing down.

There is the prospect of the eventual lawsuit that will be filed against the airlines and the city of Chicago for the considerable injuries suffered by a passenger who was beaten up because the airline overbooked the flight.

Chicago cops were sanctioned, employees suspended, the CEO is in the hot seat, the company’s share value was plummeting at one point.

Things cannot get much worse at United Airlines, they are easily one of the most loathed companies on the planet over the last 2 weeks.

As if things could not get worse, they did.

A giant continental rabbit, was found dead in the cargo hold of a United Airlines plane.

The rabbit’s name was Simon, and he was on pace to be the biggest rabbit in the world, it was thought he would easily surpass his contemporary Darius, who clocks in at over 4 feet long.

Simon was three feet in length, and “fit as a fiddle” according to his handler Annette Edwards, Edwards also confirmed that Simon visited the vet “hours” before he was placed on the plane.

From United

Ms. Edwards is still unsure how this happened, and United Airlines has another disaster on it’s hands.

Simon’s new owner, who is actually a former playboy model, is planning to file a lawsuit.



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