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A source informs TF that tensions are rising between Putin and Georgia

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A Georgian government official reached out to Tastie Fish Monday afternoon to express outrage over the behavior of the Russian Federation.

Today is the nine year annivsary of Russia invading Georgia, a frivolous attempt by Vladimir Putin to annex the entire country.

Hostilities still remain despite the mutally agreed upon cease fire, mostly because some Georgian territory is still occupied.

Putin’s behavior in response to the anniversary did not go over well according to a Georgian government source.

The two countries are technically still at war, and Putin is giving indications that he might be motivated enough to take a second bite at the apple

This official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to this magazine was specifically upset about Putin visiting occupied regions within the country, his behavior is viewed as an attempt to legitimize illegally obtained territory.

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“Putin chose to visit Sokhumi Abkhazia in response to the Vice President visiting Georgia, a sad and ridiculous move considering the scale of the visits”

The situation on the ground is terrible according to the source, the Georgian government put out an official statement detailing the behavior of the Russian Federation along occupied lines.

Civil liberties are being trampled on, it’s evolved into a military state.

“After nine years of the August 2008 war, Russia still violates the 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement and continues its policy of occupation and factual annexation with regard to inseparable regions of the sovereign state in complete disregard for fundamental principles of international law.

This envisages the illegal integration of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions of Georgia into Russia’s military, political, economic and social system; military build-up in the occupied regions, as well as fortification of the occupation line by razor and barbed wire fences and different artificial barriers.

At the same time, illegal detentions and kidnappings of people along the occupation line, restriction of freedom of movement and access by residents of the adjacent territories to their farmlands and houses regularly take place.”

The statement also made clear that the Georgians view Putin’s move as a provocation, which Putin is fully aware of, that’s why he did it.

If his goal was to upset the Georgian administration, it worked, and the stories coming out of the occupied territories is a recipe for war.

Putin’s claim that he is protecting ethnic Russians is horrendous, a lame excuse for imperialism.

The fact that a government official felt the need to send an email to our editor on the anniversary of such a tragic moment in Georgia’s history is significant.

Putin is focused on Ukraine, the economy, disrupting America, and lining the coffers of his inner circle.

He is unconcerned with Georgia, or any threat they could pose to his armies.

But, the temperature is different than it was in 2008.

Russia is currently a pariah on the world’s stage, and the illegal annexation of Crimea is a big reason why.

If Putin were to go to war with Georgia a second time, or provoke the country into defending itself, he will find the task slightly more difficult than it was nine years ago.

The threat of sanctions is a big problem, especially after the American Congress just slapped the Russians with fresh sanctions.

Putin cannot continually sustain his position of power if the country is perpetually bankrupt, and with the Russian economy on the rise, this is the wrong time to run afoul of the international community.

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The world will not allow Russia to take Georgia, there is too many complex problems the Russians are already involved in that is costing the country endless amounts of money.

While there is clearly concern about Putin’s behavior this week, Georgians should take comfort in knowing that Putin cannot afford to engage in irresponsible behavior at the moment, not if he wants to remain President.



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