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After just 10 days, Donald Trump fires Anthony Scaramucci

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Less than 10 days after being appointed communications director at the White House, President Donald Trump has fired newly minted communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

The firing caps a whirlwind tenure that did nothing to advance the teetering agenda of the Trump administration.

When Sean Spicer was told Mr. Scaramucci was coming on board, he tucked tail and ran.

Now we know why.

This man was a disaster, a massive distraction, and a continuous liability.

His television interviews were cringe worth, and his personal(and very public) attacks on former chief of staff Reince Priebus were unprofessional, and cruel.

But lets not forget, he was encouraged by the President of the United States, who raved about his performance through aides, and enjoyed intimate dinners with him as Trump attempted to control the national narrative.

None of it mattered in the end, Trump demands loyalty, but rarely gives it.

Firing the communications director 10 days after you hired him is a red flag for any of the very talented people who could help bring order to the chaos of the Trump administration.

It’s difficult to recruit talent when the boss makes everyone’s job impossible with his improvisational style of governing, furthermore, there is zero job security in that White House if you are not related to the President by blood.

Many of the people who helped Trump reach the White House have been ousted, so when “Mooch” started becoming more of a problem than a solution, his days were numbered because Trump has no serious ties to the man.

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Trump is running the Presidency in the manner a King would, and the constant shakeup at the White House sends the message that the President is the problem, not the people around him.



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