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American Protectionism: An Economic Support

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In the wake of Donald Trump taking the reigns as the 45th POTUS he has enacted and signaled an unorthodox willingness to live up to his duty as a politician and represent his voters. The oft considered antiquated, yet ever more relevant and prescient reality of American trade protectionism will ensue. The precise effects of this protectionist policy and its many far-reaching externalities, positive and otherwise, espoused by President Trump will lead America to an era of greater fiscal and monetary responsibility and independence.

Protectionism is the trade policy of virtually all the idealistic governments lauded by the left. I present a list of protectionist nation states and their corresponding life expectancies simply for reflection on how well these nation states provide public goods most notably in the form of state sponsored health care. A public good is any good provided by the state that is non-excludable, meaning everyone has a right to it, and also non-rivalrous meaning that people are not competing over it. Examples of public goods in the United States would be Social Security, Interstate Highway System, emergency room visits, military, and the police force.

This is not an exhaustive list yet should give a clear idea to readers the intention of this article. Without further ado Japan (84.75), South Korea(80.04) , Germany (80.57), Switzerland (82.5), Austria (81.39) , Belgium (80.88), Netherlands (81.23), Luxembourg (82.17), Norway (81.70), Sweden (81.98), Finland (80.77) and Taiwan (79.98). The life expectancy of the average person in The United States is 79.68 years. This number does not seem so far off from what would be considered standard from our OECD counterparts listed above. However this number is way too low considering U.S spends more and publishes more on healthcare than any other OECD nation.

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This to me is a total misallocation of resources that could be fixed through economic protectionism. Americans, academics, and voters alike should face the bold reality that if we want real universal healthcare not the faux pas government healthcare that was Obama Care or ACA then we as a nation need to reconsider our distaste with protectionist policies. Every single nation I list above provides universal free healthcare to their citizens. The ACA was a terrible piece of executive ordering that did very little for the perception and reality of our healthcare system.

Yes 20 million more consumers got access to healthcare and yes every one of those 20 million would’ve paid a mandate tax if they did not comply and moreover NO healthcare cost did not go down but in fact went up. Consider the fact that the U.S. spends 15-20% of its total annual GDP on healthcare and that these nations average about 10% expenditure of annual GDP on health care that is provided not as a privilege but a RIGHT given to you at birth by the state.

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The funding for this does not come out of thin air it comes from good policy that considers its constituents first and foremost. This immense provision of public goods are given to their people by state’s that enforce protectionist trade policies that ensure they are running trade surpluses rather than trade deficits. The U.S. as a nation has the largest year on year trade deficit of any nation large or small in the world. We as a nation led by a globalist agenda have acted as complicit subsidizer of the folly of other nations. The nations I previously listed above minus the U.S. have two things in common. One they all have protectionist trade policies.

This means when some other nation attempts to send their good across that border they are taxed for doing so and those tax dollars go to help provide the importing nation with public provisions such as healthcare and roads. Secondly all these nations have a higher life expectancy than U.S. while spending way less per capita (person) on health care and to boot the citizens don’t even pay for it… NO really they Don’t . Guess who pays for it? That’s right all those other countries that export their goods into the “left-lauded” countries like Netherlands, and Norway.

In fact I would go so far as to argue protectionist policies are the only way we will ever have “real universal healthcare” not the farce that was Obamacare. So for all the lefty snowflakes out there that get upset when I say protectionism is good and will be even better the longer it marinates. I respond with this…. I’ll take a more expensive avocado in the short term if that means I get free health care long term and it may or may not be Donald Trump that enacts such a thing.

Even so (spoiler alert) American Protectionism may very well be the policy that sets the stage for free non-excludable universal healthcare and it may very well be a Democratic President that does so. However without setting the stage for fiscal responsibility through protectionism such a policy will never be possible.

The United States has the world’s largest economy and we don’t need to share it with everyone. In conclusion we as a people need to leverage our economy and the way it interacts with other international economies to better our people here domestically regardless of race, gender, religion, or orientation. The size of The American economy and its interconnectedness with all other functioning representative governments is our pun intended “Trump Card”.

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We must leverage the inherent utility of economic size and influence by committing to policies that put American interests first. These policies will enable the move towards better domestic public goods rather than allowing vote less constituents of faraway nations to free ride off our goodwill.




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