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Breaking: North Korea fires medium range ballistic missile into the sea of Japan

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North Korea launched a medium range ballistic missile earlier today that landed in the sea of Japan.

The missile test is by far the most brazen move yet by the Stalinist regime.

The North Koreans make this decision while there is joint military exercises between the US and Japan being conducted in the very sea where this missile landed.

There is also America forces elsewhere, including a devastating carrier group that could destroy the planet if it needed too.

North Korea launches this missile when relations with China are at an all time low, and the American President has dispatched some of the scariest military equipment known to man to the Korean peninsula.

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China has no control over North Korea, but they have been preparing to invade if the North Koreans continue to antagonize the entire region.

China will sit on its hands for the time being.

All eyes will not be on the White House.

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President Trump has proven he will do what he feels is needed to protect the world, Kim Jong Un meanwhile has demonstrated that he has zero respect, or regard for the norms of international law, and has made it his mission to hold the word hostage with his nuclear arsenal.

He even publishes videos of American cities being burned to the ground by atomic bombs.

If there was ever a time to attack North Korea, it would seem this afternoon was the primer.



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