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Breaking: North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb, is war inevitable?

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North Korea has allegedly tested a lethal hydrogen bomb in the northeast section of the country.

This was the 6th nuclear based weapon test in the nation’s history, and it was by far the most impressive.

The weapon is the most powerful bomb the North Koreans have ever tested, a bone chilling reminder that the Stalinist regime is fast developing ย the capability to wage war at the highest level.

This bomb was so powerful, that is caused an earthquake measuring 6.3 on the richter scale, and could be felt as far as Russia.

In recent weeks, North Korea made the extravagant claim they have miniturized a nuclear warhead, which in theory could be attached to an ICBM.

Which in theory could reach the mainland of the United States.

This is all in theory, but North Korea is starting engage in application, and world leaders have a decision to make.

This bomb would have destroyed cities if it was mounted on a missile, and the North Koreans have threatened to launch an assault on the US territory of Guam in the near future.

Sanctions, the United Nations, Chinese promises, none of that has made a bit of difference, North Korea has ignored all calls to halt the weapons program, they have ignored all attempts at peace, it seems the end game is a conflict that could change the destiny of the planet.

This is all scary, but real, and it cannot be swept under the rug any longer.

Kim Jong Un seems intent on burning millions of human beings alive with one his bombs, and he will continue to do everything he can to terrify the region and the world.

He must be stopped, he is a direct threat to humanity.

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Japan and South Korea are in mortal danger, as are all US forces staioned in Northeast Asia.

The nuclear test is not just a test, but a message.

This is not about science, it’s a demonstration of power.

What we have here is a madman with his finger on a button, we also have an American President who is implusive, sensitive, and inexperienced on the world’s stage.

North Korea just called Trump’s bluff, they are daring the President to strike first, and they are putting lives in danger to do it.

Testing a nuclear weapon has an adverse ecological effect on the enviorment, it’s a disaster.

Winds can carry radiation for miles, even as far north as China, and as far south as South Korea.

At some point, North Korean leadership will have to be eliminated, the country will have to be invaded, and the ruling government will be toppled.

It will bea disaster, millions of refugees will flood into China, South Korea and American forces will assume control over the country, China and Russia will freak out because they won’t want America forces on the border, chaos will ensue for years.

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But it’s better than the alternative isn’t it?




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