Breaking: President Trump launches 59 missiles at Syria

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President Trump ordered a military strike against the Syrian government earlier this evening.

Sources indicate that 50  Tomahawk missiles were launched from the sea, each cruise missile carried about 1000 pounds of explosives, and the bombs all detonated within 60 seconds of each other.

The attack is a serious message to the Bashar al-Assad led Syrian government, and one of the more devastating attacks the United States has unleashed in years.


President Trump is staying true to his word, and the world has been put on notice.

When the global community was informed that Assad had in fact attacked his own people with chemical weapons, and then attempted to lie about it after the fact, the gloves came off.

This could be the first of many attacks, the Syrian war has raged for since 2012, and over 400,000 people have died.

This most recent attack was a tipping a point, a junction in which the world decided it was time to take this war criminal down.

The images of the children evoked painful memories, and angered the President.

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There is some things to consider here.

  1. Putin and the Russian Federation are complicit in chemical weapons attack, it was their planes that delivered the bombs, and then they attempted to blame the ignition of a chemical weapons factory as the reason for the explosions. Victims on the scene meanwhile described planes dropping bombs

2.  Trump took this action without involving Congress, after the health care disaster, he most likely believes he is on an island, and didn’t want to take any chances. Trump just inserted the United States into a war without being checked or balanced, the blowback is going to be considerable. In a way he is finally acting like a President, the problem is he absolved himself of the democratic process, and authorized a war without consent from Congress.

From Twitter

The President is set to address the nation sometime tonight, Tastie Fish will update this story as more information becomes available.

Update: 10:07pm

Trump has issued a video statement from his golf course in Florida.

Trump’s statement was pointed, and direct.



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