China deploys 150,000 troops as a US attack on North Korea appears eminent

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Sources in China are indicating that the People’s Liberation army has deployed 150,000 troops to the Chinese/North Korea border complete with medical supplies, and other disaster related amenties.

The troops are in place to prevent the potential refugee crisis in the event that President Trump carries through on this threat to attack North Korea unilaterally.

China makes this move in wake of the United States attacking Syria less than a week ago, and doing so with restricted menace.

The United States was capable of much more, and that may have been the point.

Trump’s attack was a public service announcement.

Nobody heard it louder than Kim Jong Un.

Shortly after Trump asserted his dominance over both Russia and Syria, he instructed a US carrier group to abandon their original plans to sail for Australia, and asked them to set a course for the Korean Peninsula.

The carrier group is fully loaded, capable of waging an unholy war in the blink of an eye.

There is also submarines to consider in the equation, which cannot be seen by the naked eye or most radar.

This group could destroy North Korea within hours.

According to Fox News, the group “USS Carl Vinson, is the flagship of the Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 1, and often called “America’s Favorite Aircraft Carrier.” The strike group, established in 2009, includes the ship’s Carrier Air Wing 2, and embarked Destroyer Squadron 1 deployed with Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain, as well as Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers USS Michael Murphy and USS Wayne E. Meyer.

The USS Carl Vinson is capable of carrying 90 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.’

These ships are capable of deploying cruise missiles, and nuclear weapons if called upon, and they can do it within the next 3 minutes.

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President Trump has developed a taste for his military, and his unpredictability has the world extremely on edge.

The Chinese have realized they won’t be able to control Trump, and the days of saber rattling with the American military in the South China sea may be at an end as well.

The best thing China can do, is abandon their special relationship with North Korea, and prepare for the fallout.

They have done just that in the last 48 hours.

They rejected the import of coal ships yesterday, sent multiple ships back to North Korea under the premise that the coal ban has been expanded.

The deployment of 150,000 troops to act as first responders to a disaster is a far cry from sending 150,000 troops into North Korea to protect the regime.

China has also not represented that they plan to retaliate against American forces in the event of an attack.

This is bad news for Kim Jong Un, and his close circle of advisors who have led the country the brink of ruin.

North Korea is on an island, and they know it.

They have become so accustomed to saber rattling, that the very idea that America could one day attack became a secondary thought.

That all changed when Trump surprised Syria, and the North Koreans are experiencing anxiety because they know full well Trump’s dream is to topple North Korea.

Bashar al-Assad is a fringe benefit, Trump’s white whale is North Korea.

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North Korea is always in a state of a war, potential military conflict dominates the national agenda on a daily basis, the citizens are forced to celebrate every time Kim Jong Un tests weapons of mass destruction.

There is also propaganda, and the dangerous rhetoric over the years.

The North Koreans claim they are developing weapons to defend themselves, but they produce low budget videos of Manhattan being blown up by an atomic bomb.

All of the wolf tickets have now come to bare, the North Koreans have proven they cannot be reasoned with, or negotiated down.

The only solution is to decapitate the government, and it should be done in cooperation with several allies including Japan.

Japan has skin in the game, the North Koreans have launched missiles at Japan continually, and they have the capability to deliver a crippling blown to the Japanese mainland right now.

Military planners view this potential operation with skepticism, the collateral damage could be catastrophic.

Even if North Korea is bombed back to the stone age with surgical strikes, the mobile missile launchers and the submarines put South Korea and Japan in harms way.

North Korea could also shell Seoul with conventional warfare if the coalition force fails to destroy their supplies along the DMZ.

Nuclear strikes against North Korea are unlikely, only in the event that they attack South Korea or Japan with nukes first.

The typical thinking, is relentless conventional bombing combined with ground and air forces, it would take about 60 days to take control of the country, the blood shed would be considerable, but the North Koreans have given the world no alternative.

North Korea is going to pursue the development of advanced weapons that could one day threaten the United States, they will do so no matter what the UN, Trump, or China says.

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The North Koreans only understand action, and they have met their match in President Trump.

Trump has nothing to gain by engaging the North Koreans in discussion, the vaunted six party talks did nothing but give North Korea resources to continue the nuclear program.

North Korea has made it the goal of the country to murder people by the millions, so the world has a responsibility to prevent that while it’s still possible to do so.

North Korea is expected to test a nuclear weapon this weekend during the celebration of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim il-Sung, who is a beloved leader within the history of the country.

To commemorate il-Sungs’s birthday, it is widely expected that North Korea will produce a demonstration of military might.

This sets up a showdown with the United States.

Trump sent the carrier group to the area as a response to the irresponsible weapons testing North Korea was engaged in.

Not only did he send ships, Trump issued several direct warnings to North Korea, and China.

He acted in a similar way before the US attacked Syria.

If the North Koreans test an atomic bomb this weekend, or anything else that violates UN sanctions, they better be prepared to fight.

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Such a transgression is the perfect pretext for Trump to attack North Korea.

Trump wants to attack in the worst way, he just wants the North Koreans to give him a reason.

Kim Jong Un better think long and hard about the decisions he makes in the next 72 hours.

The sitting American President is not a pacifist, and he won’t be open to compromise if the North Koreans embarrass him.



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