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Donald Trump AND John Lewis were out of line

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President Elect Donald Trump is on the attack again, but this time, he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

Georgia politician John Lewis made headlines earlier this week when he labeled Donald Trump an illegitimate President during an exclusive interview with meet the press

The strong language seemed slightly inappropriate, but nobody was in a position to dispute it with the Russian dossier story hanging over the Trump administration like an impending thunderstorm.

Lewis may have been out of line saying something so salacious on the record, but he appeared to speak for many people in this country that believe Donald Trump is unfit for office.

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George Lewis is considered an unofficial national treasure, his individual impact on the social progression of this country is incalcuable.

Lewis did not just advocate from behind a podium, he had his feet on the ground during a dangerous time in America.

He marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, the man was an original freedom fighter, and his contributions have engendered infinite gratitude from the American community.

When this man speaks, people listen, and Donald Trump heard the criticism loud and clear.

The tweet is unsurprising, and disappointing at the same time.

President Elect Trump is going down a road that will hurt his brand beyond repair.

Don’t look now, but it’s Martin Luther King weekend, and attacking one of the most respected civil rights leaders in the history of the country is as ill timed a move as he could possible make.

The Russian allegations are just that, allegations, this is a stone cold black and white indictment on Trumps ability to manage this country, because now the African American community is going to turn on him, and it’s sad because Trump was making  attempts to connect with the black community.

Say what you want, he has made a point of meeting with influential black leaders since he won the election.

This has to be addressed, Trump will have to make a mea culpa, there is no other way to approach the situation.

The President Elect is scheduled to visit the African American national museum in Washington DC on Monday, but the excursion will have a PR spin to it if he does not apologize right now today.

To be fair to Trump, he did make racial remarks about John Lewis, he insteand attacked John Lewis the politician, but much of America will not see it that way.

Those people see a loud white President with a questionable trackrecord of making devisive statements slamming one of the most influential African Americans of the 20th century.

Trump will have to make this right, he has no choice.

Update: 7:32 pm

Trump has doubled down on his attack of John Lewis, shortly after this post was published, Trump addressed Lewis again, and didn’t back off.

He should “finally focus”??

John Lewis spent the better part of his life focusing on the inner cities, President Elect Trump is going to hang himself yet again.

There can be no doubt this will encourage powerful citizens all over Washington DC to boycott the inauguration.




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