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Donald Trump has serious audacity inviting President Rodrigo Duterte to American soil

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Word broke yesterday evening that President Trump extended a White House invitation to the controversial President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte.

Normally, the President receiving the elected leader of a sovereign nation would not be cause for concern, or backlash, but Duterte is a special case the same way Fidel Castro would have been, the same way Vladimir Putin will be the next time he visits the states.

Certain military and political leaders  should not be welcome in this country, and through his actions, and his words, President Duterte has qualified as one of those people. .

Duterte has been credited with successfully addressing the illicit drug trade in his country, many politicians talk about cleaning up the streets, but very few of them pull it off to the degree Duterte  did over the last 2 years or so.

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He accomplished this by throwing out the justice system in his country, and instigating extra judicial killings, many of the criminals that were charged with drug related offenses were executed without a trial, or jury.

While the crime rate plummeted, the means in which it was done raised serious questions about he morality of the Filipino President.

The Obama administration voiced serious concern over the manner in which Duterte, Barack Obama himself stopped just short of accusing the President of crimes against humanity.

Human rights watch groups had concluded that thousands of people were killed while Duterte was the Mayor of Davao city, and many of them included children.

President Duterte was none to pleased with the United States scrutinizing him, or his government, and he lashed out prior to a scheduled meeting with Obama, who was touring Asia during the final months of his Presidency.

Obama promptly canceled the meeting, putting the sitting President of the Philippines in a precarious position.

His country relies on the United States, there is treaties, business relationships, the general traffic between the two countries is considerable.

Many Filipinos lives in the United States, and have family back in the old country.

Calling the US President a son of a bitch, and disrespecting the White House because they object to the idea of extra judicial murder takes quite a bit of audacity.

But President Duterte didn’t stop there.

He made disparaging remarks about the United States for months, even going to China and implying that he was ready to cut his relationship with the US, and pledge fealty to China in a highly publicized press conference.

President Duterte has a point, nobody in the world should tell him how to govern his country, or how to keep his people safe, and drugs off the streets.

At heart, he means well, but in application, the man is a dumpster fire.

World leaders, humanitarian groups, and much of the general population will continue to see him as brutal dictator who rules through violence, not democracy.

Against that backdrop, President Trump has invited this man to the White House.

The two leaders had a friendly conversation this weekend, and Trump extended the olive branch.

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The invitation is a slap in the face to former President Obama, the United States in general, and citizens all over the country that object to a man that murders people without a legal process, and then disrespects the United States when he is called out on it.

The American President has his reasons, perhaps he sees the Philippines as an important ally in the eternal struggle against the Chinese, or maybe Trump honestly wants to reset the damaged relations between our two countries.

Whatever the impetus, Trump’s decision is not going over well.

Politicians, aides, commentators, observers, across the board people are disgusted with the idea of President Duterte stepping foot in the United States without being arrested.

This sends a disjointed message to the rest of the world, it gives the appearance that America endorses the actions of a man who has committed tacit acts of mass murder, and humiliated the United States in front of news media all over the world.

He announced his “separation” from the US, and now he is going to come here and play golf in Florida?

Come on, that just going to rub people the wrong way.

This was a short sighted decision, one that could come back to haunt Trump.




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