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FYI, here is the Go Fund Me page for Sgt La David T. Johnson’s children

From Go Fund Me

Fallen hero Sgt La David Johnson has been disgraced in death, his memory has been descrated by a sitting American President, his sacrifice has been politicized by citizens that have never sniffed the field of battle.

Sgt Johnson was ambushed in Niger along with three other American soldiers.

None of them survived.

The circumstances of this ambush remain a hot button issue, specifically because nobody seems to know what happened.

What we do know, is that these fallen warriors left behind families, children.

On a call President Trump allegedly told Sgt Johnson’s grieving widow that her husband “knows what he signed up for”

Trump has since denied making the ludicrous statement, and even claimed he had evidence to verify his claims.

As of Wednesay morning, the President had yet to produce proof, and based on his dishonest track record, he never will produce this evidence because it does not exist.

Despite all of this, people all over the world have rallied around Sgt Johnson’s family, contributing over half a million dollars to a go fund me campaign for his children.

We have posted the link to the Go fund me page, feel free to help out!





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