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Georgian Embassy: “Ike Kaveladze is an ethnic Georgian, but a Russian citizen”

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The Tastie Fish newsroom has been actively attempting to verify if Ike Kaveladze is an American citizen, as well as the details of his presence at the University of New Haven in 2003.

His attorney Scott Kabler told the Washington Post that Ike Kaveladze is an American citizen, but has refused to confirm that to this magazine.

Numerous government sources have declined to confirm the nature of Ike Kaveladze’s citizenship.

The US State Department directed us to Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security declined to comment in an email to Tastie Fish Thursday evening, but directed our inquiry to USCIS.

During an extended telephone conversation Friday morning, USCIS explained to Tastie Fish that the USCIS does not comment on citizenship as they consider the matter to be private, citing an executive order, and the law.

ICE was also unable to provide comment on the issue, telling Tastie Fish in an email “ICE can only comment on the status of a person who is in our custody, or has been encountered or removed from the agency in the past.”

Tastie Fish was able to reach a spokesperson at the Georgian embassy in Washington DC Friday afternoon.

Multiple reports have indicated Kaveladze is a Georgian national, and an American citizen.

She confirmed that Kaveladze is an ethnic Georgian, “but he grew up in Russia, and from what we understand, he is Russian citizen”.

“He was born in Georgia, but he grew up in Russia, that is where he spent most of his time”. 

“We have no record of him here.

The spokesperson also is unclear when Kaveladze entered the United States, but based on her knowledge of the situation he immigrated from Russia, not Georgia.

Tastie Fish has been unable to verify the spokesperson’s claims, but the embassy informed our newsroom they will run a check through the available databases, and provide our reporters with whatever they find.

From Wikimedia Commons
From Wikimedia Commons

More on this story as it develops.




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