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Youtuber Logan Paul posts a video of an apparant suicide

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While on a trip in Japan, Youtube superstar Logan Paul came upon the body of a deceased human being.

He made this discovery in Japan’s suicide forrest.

The departed was hanging from a tree, and Mr. Paul captured a close up while providing commentary.

As oppose to alerting the authorities right away, or calling for help, the self promoting Paul opted to make a business opportunity out of it, posting a video that has drawn backlash all over the world.

Logan Paul’s tone deaf decision has not aged well, the immaurity at hand is difficult to appraise, his brand could take a massive hit.

This person didn’t just die, they were hanging from a tree, and Mr. Paul somehow believed such a circumstance would make for fun internet entertainment.

Someone killing themselves is not a joke, not a chance to generate online engagement, while his apology is noted, his reckless decision is about offensive as it gets.

Posting a video of a dead body is depraved indifference, it takes a certainly type of personality to be comfortable with such a decision.



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